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Coffee and Cigarettes Part II: Seahawks Links for Saturday

Because you're probably here for your love of the Seahawks...

Seahawks Vs Rams: Injury Updates, Team News & Notes - SB Nation Seattle
The Seahawks are set to take on the St. Louis Rams in Primetime Monday Night Football this week. Here's everything you need to know about the game. Injury updates, reports, rumors, and notes.

NFP Friday Forecast | National Football Post
Take a look at how your team stacks up against the competition in Week 14.

QB Tarvaris Jackson's arm strength, confidence improving - Blog -
But now, Jackson explained, both his arm strength and his confidence have improved. "When I first got hurt, seeing other guys throw the ball, you kind of take it for granted a little bit to be able to throw the ball hard -- I couldn’t really do it," Jackson said. "So it feels good to have it back. Sam [Ramsden], the trainer, came up to me today and was like, ‘Stop trying to show off.’ But it feels good to have my arm strength back. I’m kind of happy about it."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under Pressure: Standard Sack Deviation
If you read Under Pressure each week, you know that for three years it’s been an interest (or you could say an obsession) of mine to log the time of each and every sack in the NFL. However, in those three years, I’d never asked maybe the most significant question: How much does a quarterback’s tendency to hold the ball play a part in his sack rate?

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Sky-High Expectations Prove Impossible for Andrew Luck to Fulfill Despite his Wildly Succesful Senior Season
Luck joined KLAC in Los Angeles to talk about handling all of the pressure and awkwardness that’s gone along with seemingly being destined to head to Indianapolis where Peyton Manning is still quarterback, if all the expectations placed on him before and during this season served as a distraction at any point, what happened in Stanford’s loss to Oregon this season (their only defeat of the year), if he’d say that this season has lived up to expectations, the difference between playing for Coach Shaw and former Coach Jim Harbaugh, and how his upbringing playing soccer around his dad benefited him athletically including on the gridiron.

Seahawks | As usual, Seahawks' efforts will focus on stopping Rams' Steven Jackson | Seattle Times Newspaper
The St. Louis Rams might have a question mark at quarterback, but the Seahawks have no doubt about their defensive priority on Monday night. Blog | CenturyLink Field 4th toughest place to play "
From Sports Illustrated Dec. 12 issue: - Seahawks' O-line improving despite massive changes
Here they go again. For the sixth time this season, the Seahawks will have a different starting combination on the offensive line when they take on the Rams in the Week 14 Monday-night game.

Healthy Unger Seahawks rarity | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
When I approached Max Unger before practice Thursday afternoon, he was the lone Seahawks offensive lineman in the locker room. We may presume all the others were in surgery or the recovery room.

Turning up the turnovers | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
They come in spurts, and right now turnovers are gushing for the Seattle Sea-hawks. The Seahawks have a plus-9 turnover differential over the past four games, helping them go 3-1. During that stretch, Seattle has eight interceptions and four forced fumbles to go against three Tarvaris Jackson interceptions.

Seahawks' Tate finally succeeding at pro game | - Sports
For a player whose game relies so much on quickness, Golden Tate's transition to the NFL has gone much slower than just about anyone -- Tate included -- could have imagined when Seattle drafted him last year.

Lemuel steps in
The Seahawks lost three starters on their offensive line in three weeks, so the latest reshuffling has little-used, even lesser-known but also very smart Lemuel Jeanpierre sliding in at right guard. Blog | Thursday in Hawkville "
"Marshawn is a great back," Rams defensive end Chris Long said today during a conference-call interview. "I think he’s a powerful guy, a guy who obviously makes something out of nothing. He’s the kind of guy that breaks tackles and you can’t go to sleep on him.

Chadiha: Tim Tebow's real impact is overlooked - ESPN
You'd think that after seven weeks of Tim Tebow mania, the conversation would shift just a little bit. At some point, the discussion would go from what he can't do or won't become to why he's 6-1 as the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback this season. Yeah, we've heard a lot about the team's brilliant defense and its dominant offensive line. But there's still much more to this story. news: Newton, Tebow prove spread option will work in the NFL
I love watching the classic games on NFL Network. The other day, "The Catch" game was on featuring the Cowboys and the 49ers. Watching, I was amazed at how much each team stayed in basic formations, simple run sets, and ran basic offenses. For 1981, however, the schemes for both teams were actually considered complex. But by today's standards, they were extremely basic. It is always fun to see how much the league has changed in such a short period of time.

The Xs and Os of the Steelers' red zone playbook | National Football Post
On Thursday morning, I broke down three NFL route concepts in the red zone using playbooks from the Packers, Saints and Cowboys to illustrate what we are seeing around the league on Sundays. Today, let’s go back to last night’s Browns-Steelers matchup, talk more red zone football and look at the Steelers "Hi-Lo Crossers" route combination that led to a Jerricho Cotchery TD reception. Check out the scheme from Pittsburgh’s pre-snap alignment and then we will get into some coaching points to break down it down.

The Seattle Sports Hub: "Revenge of the Nerds" A Richard Sherman Joint
Seahawks fans, Richard Sherman has something he would like to tell you: "Don’t ever disrespect me!" That’s the message he’s been sending to the league since he burst on the scene stealing a long pass away from Cincinnati Bengals’ all-everything rookie WR AJ Green. Sherman and his fellow rookie and Stanford alumnus Doug Baldwin have been outspoken all season long that "even nerds can play football,"and they’re right.

Teaching a quarterback where to throw the football | Smart Football
If your quarterback can’t deliver the ball to the open receiver, it doesn’t matter how well designed, well protected, or otherwise well executed your pass plays are. Surprisingly, however, this supposedly natural skill — the ability to locate and throw the ball to an open receiver — is taught in a variety of ways, some more effective than others. To my mind, there are really essentially two legitimate methods: the progression read and the coverage read. (The illegitimate way is to simply "scan" across — the most common tactic when a quarterback who gets in trouble — but this should never be taught to a young quarterback as an every down technique.)

Can Tim Tebow Keep It Up? - The Triangle Blog
The Tim Tebow experience completed its tenth start with its usual stunning comeback victory over the Vikings last Sunday. Of course, Tebow's packed a full career into those ten starts: He's gone from laughingstock to starter twice, and in the meantime, he's played wide receiver and been the point man for an offense the NFL would have laughed at installing for most of the past 40 years.

2011 Seahawk Defense - Most Physical Ever? - Seahawks News -
Last night at Joey restaurant in Bellevue during Seahawks Weekly, host Brock Huard posed the question: "Is this Seahawks defense the most physical defense ever?"

Film Room: Bush In Space

Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript
Q: Obviously you practiced Matt Staler and Julian Edelman on defense leading up to the game. Have you ever had an instance in your career when you’ve had to move an offensive player to defense or vice versa because of an injury or whatever and the guy hasn’t been able to practice that position? BB: I don’t think so. I think we at least got him in there for a little bit. We were playing Larry [Izzo] at safety in preseason, Don Davis at safety, whenever that was, ‘04. I don’t think you just take a guy, I guess you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Even [Rob] Gronkowski, we use him in our end of the half type defenses or Randy [Moss] or Keyshawn [Johnson], or guys like that in the past. We’ve always practiced those things - showed them where to line up, what to do. You don’t know exactly what the offense is going to come out in, it’s maybe one of two things so there are some adjustments and little bit of understanding what the situation is. We’ve always practiced that. Q: Was that different maybe when the rosters were smaller? Did you have to bring up more guys on each side of the ball just for emergency situations?

The Browner factor
Teams look at Brandon Browner and think they should be able to throw on the Seahawks' 6-foot-4, 221-pound cornerback. But, as the Rams learned three weeks ago, that can be a bad idea.

Despite losing record, Seahawks on right path - Blog -
The "Monday Night Football" matchup between the Rams and Seahawks features organizations seemingly heading in opposite directions. The Rams are 2-10 despite being in the third season under their current leadership. The Seahawks, in Year 2 of the Pete Carroll/John Schneider regime, are 5-7 and gunning for their second straight playoff appearance. In Thursday's Wrap Up video, Brock Huard seconds a point made by ESPN's Mike Tirico and says Carroll and Schneider have the Seahawks on the right path.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Doors Unlocked and Open
Playoff talk around the Seahawks has started up again, but almost everyone is very careful to declare upfront that there is almost no chance of Seattle actually reaching the postseason. In fact, it seems like it's almost a badge of "seriousness" to dismiss the Seahawks' playoff chances with an eye roll and a wanking motion.

The Immediate Value of a Top Ten Draft Pick | December - Now that the Seahawks have won three of their last four games and have an outside shot at a playoff berth (more on that later), it's difficult to remember that just a month ago we were all basking in the anemic, miserable glow of a 2-6 record. There isn't much consolation to be found in that many losses, and that drove some folks to root for the team to keep right on losing in order to secure an even higher position in next year's draft, the hope being that landing a highly touted first-rounder like Andrew Luck would solve many of the Seattle's problems and jumpstart the team's return to perennial postseason contention.

Seahawks on Monday Night - I was doing a bit of research today and did you know that the Seahawks have the best all time record on Monday Night Football? That seems like a stat I should have known.