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The Week That Was at Field Gulls

If you miss a day around here, you're apt to miss some pretty damn good stuff. Don't worry, here are some of the nuggets you didn't see while you were busy doing stupid things like "work" or "spending time with "loved ones"".

The Progression of the Seahawks' Rushing Game - Field Gulls
The progression of Seattle's running game is really pretty remarkable.

Kam Chancellor: I Love You, Always Forever - Field Gulls
How Kam Chancellor became an elite NFL safety and also my favorite player.

The Seahawks Have Abandoned the No-Huddle, Possess an Improved Rushing Game; What's Next? - Field Gulls
The no-huddle has effectively been phased out of the Seahawks primary offense. The running game has improved. What's in store for the next four games and the future?

Seahawks Rookie Report for Weeks 11 & 12 - Field Gulls
Take a look at the Week12/Week 13 rookie rankings, as they performed against Washington and in the Thursday night contest against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Zach Miller, 28 Yard Reception - Field Gulls
Tarvaris Jackson with the smooooooth 28-yard jay.

Earl Thomas on the 3rd Down, A-Gap, Safety Blitz - Field Gulls
For the third time this year we take a closer look at Earl Thomas on the blitz.

#thatawkwardmoment When You Play the Same Team Twice in a Month - Field Gulls
Seattle and St. Louis meet on Monday Night and it might not be as boring as you think.

Russell Okung Injury is the Biggest Loss of This Season - Field Gulls
Russell Okung being injured is just a confluence of "oh no". Last year, Okung was already playing as a borderline pro bowl left tackle, despite injuries. His progress into this year wasn't quite what I had hoped it would be, perhaps due to the lockout, perhaps due to lingering injuries or injury concerns. That's not to say he's not playing at a high level, but there's something tentative about how he's used. He doesn't drive block or release a lot, and there are certain gaps in his play (particularly an inability to handle spin moves and a tendency to hold badly when beat outside). Perhaps my expectations were too high, because this statement is also true: Russell Okung has been the best player on the Seahawks offense all year.

NFL Picks, Week 14: Jacson's Winners - Field Gulls
Keeping the prediction train rolling. 131 wins so far, better than 98.5% of the world.

Seahawks Top Five Defensive Plays of the Week - Field Gulls
Alright, back this week with the Top Five Defensive Plays of the Week as the Seahawks knocked off the Eagles. I'll describe each play briefly, then you tell me which one deserves the honor.

The Progression of Brandon Browner - Field Gulls
Brandon Browner's up-and-down 'rookie season' - rookie in the sense that he played his first regular season game ever in week 1 - has been particularly wild lately.