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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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Friday! Yahoo!

The Shutdown Corner Week 16 Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
We're back with another weekly podcast featuring our favorite X's-and-O's analyst — Greg Cosell, the longtime NFL Films maven, who's also the executive producer of ESPN's "NFL Matchup." As always, we go through this week's upcoming games with a scout's eye and Greg in control of the All-22 tape.

Marquee Matchups – Aldon Smith Lights Up Monday Night |
Nationally televised games offer players a chance to raise their profile with a big performance in front of the entire football nation. Situational players and those from off-the-radar teams have the chance to grab the limelight and give their name a much needed boost.

Analysis Notebook: Week 15 |
PFF Analysts, Sam Monson and Ben Stockwell, are back once again to offer a deeper look into a few select plays from Week 15. This time around Sam and Ben will dissect a sneaky trick play from the Panthers that nets them a touchdown, a curious coverage call for the Jets that sets up an Eagles score, and an incredibly tough (and/or ill-advised) throw from Tom Brady that falls incomplete after a somewhat comical bounce. Their keen insight is on display as they dive into exactly what’s happening in these snapshots of recent game action. Check them out, share your thoughts, and let us know … did any particular plays catch your interest this week?

NFP Rookie Report: Seahawks–Bears | National Football Post
Taking a look at the first-year players in the Seattle-Chicago matchup.

Making a List: best and worst of 2011 contracts | National Football Post
The naughty and the nice from this year's deals news: With Barkley now out of picture, attention turns to Griffin
It's easy to see all that Robert Griffin III does right. He's got a Heisman Trophy as a result of that. He put together a 3,988-yard, 36-touchdown, six-interception season to prove it. news: Already polished, Barkley can add finishing touches as a senior
Matt Barkley's bypassing of the 2012 NFL Draft might have cost him millions in the short term, but the decision to spend another year at USC could make him the No. 1 pick in 2013. Barkley already was listed as the third quarterback on my top 10 list of college quarterbacks and was highly regarded in the scouting community.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: DVR Run Analysis - Seattle @ Chicago; 18-Dec-2011
The Bears may have lost the game, but their run defense is tough. To gain yardage on the ground, we needed a hat on a hat - plus speed, strength, and leverage, if not luck. But credit the Seahawks for continuing to pound the ball. We were able to run the ball into the end zone, and the run game softened the Bear's pass defense.

49ers breakout season began with Week 1 win | - Sports
San Francisco started down the "right path" with season-opening victory over Seahawks

Healthy Tarvaris Jackson gaining confidence | - Sports
The Seahawks hope to beat the 49ers this weekend by running the ball down their throats.

T-Jack's mental and physical toughness is endearing - Seahawks News -
After the Week 2 shutout loss to Pittsburgh, anti-Tarvaris Jackson sentiment was at an all-time high in the Pacific Northwest. Most Seahawks fans were still suffering a hangover from their decision to not re-sign Matt Hasselbeck, and everyone wanted to see backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst. A few of us were willing to give T-Jack more time, but the most common complaint was that Pete Carroll's mantra --"always compete"-- was ditched, and the job was handed to a largely unproven quarterback.

Podcasts -
Sando's weekly conversation with Bob Stelton, Dave Grosby and Dave Wyman revolved around Saturday's Christmas Eve game between the Seahawks and 49ers in a matchup of division rivals.

Seahawks Blog | Video: Seahawks Pete Carroll looks ahead to 49ers | Seattle Times Newspaper

With Pettis out, revisiting NFC West drafts - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Rookie draft choices are making strong contributions throughout the NFC West, but less so in St. Louis after the NFL suspended receiver Austin Pettis. More on the Rams' rookie class below. First, a look at how other teams' rookies have fared:

On Matt Barkley's decision to stay at USC - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks and other NFL teams in the market for college quarterbacks will have to wait another year before taking a shot at Matt Barkley. USC's record-setting quarterback will stay at USC.

Matt Barkley Staying At USC: 2012 NFL Draft Impact -
USC quarterback Matt Barkley will not enter the 2012 NFL Draft. How does the absence of one of the top prospects available change the draft landscape?

NFL scout on Barkley: 'Foolish business decision' -
NFL scouts are cold, bottom line men. You need to be to do that job. And the assessment of two longtime scouts reflects just that -- both called USC quarterback Matt Barkley's decision to stay, well, not very smart. "A foolish business decision," said one scout. "This is Matt Leinart dumb," said another. Well, okay then.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Word of Muth: Release
Well, one week after I praised the Houston Texans offensive line, they came out against Carolina (one of the worst defenses in the league) and ... played a nice game. Did you see what I did there? I made it seem like the Texans line played poorly because they lost, but then I went a different way. I’m so witty.

Seahawks rookie K.J. Wright is wise beyond his years - Daily Links Blog -
The defense called for K.J. Wright to drop into coverage. Instead, the Seahawks' first-year linebacker rushed the passer, vacating the area he was responsible for covering. Rookie mistake? Not exactly.