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2012 NFL Draft: What's Changed, How It Affects the Seahawks, and Crazy Talk

I had a few funny ideas for articles to write this weekend. I might still do something but truthfully, I ate a bad burrito last night and don't have much energy to do anything. I already filled my obligation at FakeTeams this morning (check it out! It's got a holiday twist from a familiar poem!) and while doing that I couldn't stop thinking about the NFL draft.

What with everything that happened yesterday, I just want to talk about the NFL draft.

What happened yesterday?

Well, you know that Matt Barkley decided not to enter the draft and return to school because while you can sleep with college girls no matter how old you are, it's only cool if you're still in college. Barkley will now get one more year of that. Oh, and the Trojans are probably going to be ranked in the top 5 pre-season, he'll be the number one Heisman candidate, blah blah blah.

Trust me as a person who lives in Southern California, it's all about the "Girls, Girls, Girls" like Motley Crue said.

So that was one major development that happened. Something that rocked the foundation of those NFL teams that need a franchise quarterback like the Seahawks do. Last year, 5 or 6 teams may have solidified themselves at the position enough through the draft to take them out of the running for drafting a QB high this year. So, this was a good year to strike if you're the Dolphins or Seahawks.

I mean, just look at how many teams at the top of the draft DON'T need a QB. That never happens. Last year there were so many talents that it was probably smart for Seattle to wait it out another year when there weren't so many teams looking for a QBOTF. 2012 was a good year for that, but we don't know that 2013 will be.

So, the Barkley news was not really good for the Seahawks in any way. Maybe there is some development where it seems feasible that Barkley could be a Seahawk in 2013, but that's too far down to even predict. Hey, maybe we are lucky and Seattle actually does really suck next year!

What else happened yesterday?

Well, the Colts also declared. They declared that they might not be the worst team in the NFL and beat the Texans on a shocking two-minute drive led by Dan Orlovsky! You know what that means: Dan Orlovsky is the next Peyton Manning!

No, it just means that the Colts might not pick first after all. Which I like because "F#CK ARCHIE MANNING STORIES!" and "F#CK THE COLTS TRYING TO BE THE SPURS OF THE NFL!" Indy has had the best QB in the league for 15 years. Let someone else have it.

The bad news for us though is that the Rams got one step closer to drafting first. They have as many wins as the Colts do and finish with the Steelers and 49ers. Yeah, they are going to go 2-14. It's just a matter of the Colts beating the Jaguars next week and that's not crazy talk.

What do the Rams do with the pick? Well they could:

  • Keep Luck, trade Bradford
  • Trade the pick for lots of goodies, keep Bradford.
  • Trade both the pick and Bradford for a genuine Mickey Mantle signed baseball.
  • Draft Matt Kalil, the best non-Luck prospect in the draft and solidify left tackle for, say, 15 years.
  • Draft Chris Polk.
  • Draft Kris Kross.
  • Draft the Vietnam war.
  • Miller Genuine Draft.
As you can see, there are a lot of options which is not good within the division but also doesn't worry me that much. Why not? Well, the Rams have been the worst team for the last half decade and not gotten better. I'm not saying that the Rams won't do well to get three first round draft picks or whatever, but I won't put it past them to actually draft Chris Polk with the number one overall pick. They'll find a way to screw this up, maybe.

Also, this division is getting kind of good. For so long the NFC West was the worst division in football but "take a look at us now." Turn around bright eyes, because three legitimate NFC teams might be shaping up in the West. And I don't even have to differentiate which ones since we are, you know, actually on the west coast. Maybe the Rams will move to L.A. soon.

The Cardinals play good defense and have a budding star in Patrick Peterson. The Niners are shaping up as a great defense. And I think our team is pretty okay too.

Anyways, so that's where the draft stands as of right now. More announcements will be made, including the one by Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III and we won't know the final draft order until the Super Bowl is over with, but we'll know a lot more after this week and next.

That hasn't stopped people from talking about the draft non-stop though over the last few weeks so consider this an open forum to talk about the draft. To talk about what you want the Hawks to do and what players you like, what positions you want to address.


Nobody wants to hear your conspiracy theories. Nobody wants to hear you whine about how the Hawks shouldn't draft a defensive end at 16 because a defensive end is not a quarterback. If you don't know much about the draft next year, then I'm telling you right now: there is Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and then a great big giant chasm before you hit the next best quarterback which may or may not be Landry Jones. Somebody might draft Jones in the first round, he probably will get drafted in the first round, but it's still a reach. If you want Seattle to reach, that's fine, but know what Lance "Landry" Jones is. Unless you really love Jones, which is fine too. That's your prerogative.
If you want to trade up, then know what it's going to cost. If you want to trade down or just completely punt the first round, then provide explanation and sound reason.

Moore is not a "QBOTF" that you say "Draft him and in two years he can be the starter." He's a guy you draft in the 6th or 7th round that you pray will become a backup one day. Yes, sometimes you get a Tony Romo or a Tom Brady, but do you have any idea how rare that is? And those guys aren't brought into organizations to be franchise QB's. They are brought into organizations for depth and with the minute possibility that they could develop something some day. You want to draft Moore, that's fine, but know what he is: A REMOTE POSSIBILITY. Not a savior.

That's all the rules I can think of right now. Maybe I'll add some as we go along. Anyways, this is an open forum, so let the crazy talk commence.