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Fantasy Football Championship Week Open Thread

It's championship week for most of you fantasy football players, unless your league is full of masochists who rely on teams to continue to play their stars well into Week 17 games. Regardless, I wanted to open up the FF discussion here for those of you that are hanging around the world wide web today - how's your team looking, who are you depending on today and tomorrow?

Who are your sleepers for tonight's matchup between the Bears and Packers and which players are you putting your faith in on in your last ditch desperation start to grab a few more points over your opponent was we go into Monday Night's game between the Falcons and Saints?

Our normal Fantasy Football guru Whiskey Chainsaw had a technical glitch this week that prohibited him from spreading his Fantasy Gospel, so I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that Fake Teams, the SBN FF site, has been really kicking some ass these last few months. Our own Kenneth Arthur is an editor over there so make sure to add it to your bookmarks.

Here are some examples of this week's advice over there...

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Fantasy Football Sleepers: Twas the Night Before Championship Week - FakeTeams
Do you belieeeevvveee in minor miracles?! The Colts couldn't score a touchdown all night long against the upper-tier defense of the Texans... up until they had no timeouts left with under two minutes to play, with Dan Orlovsky at quarterback, and 78 yards from the end zone. Penalties against Houston proved critical and Reggie Wayne caught the game-winning touchdown with only seconds left to give Indianapolis the 19-16 victory.

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Week 16 TE ranks are at Fake Teams. For all those who want to win the title, tune in.

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Check out where we have the top-50 back for Week 16

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