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Field Gulls Radio, Vol1: The Alamo Bowl, Robert Griffin III, a Baylor Scouting Report, the Seahawks and the NFC West

We haven't really come up with a catchy and witty name for the Field Gulls podcast yet but Scott Enyeart, Daniel Hill and I recorded our first of what will probably be a weekly or semi-monthly feature here at the site during the offseason to supplement what Scott and I do with KJRSportsRadio and our buddy Jason Puckett.

This week, we talk about the Seahawks loss to the 49ers on Sunday, chat a bit about Mark Sanchez and the Seahawks quarterback position, and talk a little about the Hawks' upcoming game with the Cardinals. What it means in the long run, what 8-8 would mean for the team and the coaching staff, and what it would mean to sweep the division with the exception of San Francisco.

Also - in case you're planning on watching the Alamo Bowl tonight this is a must listen, as Daniel, a former member of the Baylor football program and former teammate of Robert Griffin III, gives his take on RG3 as a QB and future NFL player, and gives a great scouting report on what to expect from the Baylor Bears tonight as they take on the Huskies.