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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Sunday

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SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 1:  Vince Young #9 and Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles go up against Brandon Mebane #92 of the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field December 1, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images)
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 1: Vince Young #9 and Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles go up against Brandon Mebane #92 of the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field December 1, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images)
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Sit back and enjoy the day...

Having faith " Seahawks Draft Blog
Let’s be honest Seahawks fans. How many of you lose sleep at night worrying about Seattle’s future at quarterback? From the comments I’ve read across several prominent blogs and message boards, it seems like a lot. I’m no different.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under Pressure: Running Past the Rams
The 2011 season has been a disaster for the Rams and Sam Bradford.

NFL Sunday: Five things to watch | National Football Post
Sproles' impact, Giants' defense, Bears' Cover 2 and more.

Has DeSean Jackson quit on the Philadelphia Eagles? - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Everything else you could see coming. Michael Vick(notes) hadn't had a great game since torching the Washington Redskins in that epic Monday night game last November. Chemistry problems on the defense were unavoidable after the team brought in two cornerbacks to play with Asante Samuel(notes). Coordinating that defense would be a coach who spent the last two decades working with offensive linemen.

49ers defense closing in on an NFL first | National Football Post
San Francisco has not allowed rushing TD

Seahawks' Lynch runs over Eagles | - Sports
Despite stomach illness, Lynch runs for 100-plus yards for fourth time in Seattle's past five games.

Seahawks keep the pedal down | - Sports
Unlike last game, Seattle finishes strong with a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead.

Lynch rocks Eagles, earns reward | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
We received no reports of any Marshawn Lynch-triggered earthquakes around Seattle this time.

Lynch runs wild, Seahawks win | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Just finish. After losing a fourth-quarter lead to Washington just four days earlier, the Seattle Seahawks focused on grinding out a win at home against Philadelphia.

Steve Kelley | Seahawks' Golden Tate delivers in victory over Eagles | Seattle Times Newspaper
Working from the left slot, Golden Tate ran up the middle of the field and cut left toward the corner of the end zone and waited as Tarvaris Jackson's pass hung in the air for what seemed like a tick too long.

Jerry Brewer | Marshawn Lynch rumbling toward big payday with Seahawks | Seattle Times Newspaper
Marshawn Lynch ran right and found trouble, not that it mattered. Trapped in a glut of would-be tacklers and his own teammates, Lynch kept moving and pushing, moving and pushing, grinding as if his next meal depended upon it.

Tarvaris Jackson shows he's not done yet - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Looks like we can push back thoughts of the Seattle Seahawks moving rookie third-string quarterback Josh Portis into the lineup for a few late-season starts. Tarvaris Jackson #7 QB Seattle Seahawks 2011 STATS Att 324 Comp 195 Yds 2255 TD 10 Int 12 Rat 76.1The possibility had some appeal when Jackson struggled during a 23-17 home defeat to the Washington Redskins last week. But with Jackson playing efficiently and making big plays down the field during a 31-14 victory against Philadelphia on Thursday night, the team cannot reasonably remove him from the lineup.

Sizzle and Fizzle - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
I took the time to do a video rant on Cosmic SCHEIN this week on to explain why the Eagles shouldn’t fire Reid. And then his team travels cross country and loses to the Seattle Seahawks. Actually, they didn’t lose. They got manhandled for three quarters by a relative bunch of clowns. Forget the 31-14 score. The effort and execution were pathetic all game.

Re-Focused: Eagles @ Seahawks, Week 12 |
When the Philadelphia Eagles went on their off season spending spree they were planning how to beat the Green Bay Packers to become the dominant team in the NFC. They loaded up on talent that could get in front, unleash their pass rush, and make the kind of splash plays that would take them to glory.