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The Field Gulls and SportsRadioKJR 12th Man Podcast for Week 14

This week's podcast is now up and ready for a listen. Scott Enyeart, Jason Puckett and I rap about the Philly win, the Seahawks tight end heavy schemes, the injury situation, and the upcoming game with the Rams. We chat about what the Seahawks can and will do to hold on to Tom Cable and a possible playoff run.

Check out the podcast at KJR Sportsradio's website, or see it embedded below. It should be up on iTunes soon as well. I spit some stats at you regarding the Seahawks last four games and the new run-heavy identity the've taken on, including their time of possession, run vs pass ratio, and a few other interesting picadillos.

Hit us up with some feedback - what do you like, what kinds of things would you like to add? Let us know if there's a subject you want us to talk about next week and we'll try to include that as well.