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Getting to know your bloggers - "Scruffy"

Username: Scruffy Lefty (Real Name - Joel Bergsma)
Member of Field Gulls Since: June 18, 2006 (original user ID: 10)
How I Discovered Field Gulls: I’ve also been an active member of Lookout Landing since March, 2005, and I remember John Morgan posting on LL to figure out how to start a Seahawks blog on SBN. About 3 days later it was announced that Field Gulls was born and was being written by a man name Shrug. I'm pretty sure at that moment John dropped a F-Bomb.

Shrug definitely had a different style then John. Shrug was more the "feel good" type. It wasn't long after John started posting awesome "diaries" that Shrug promoted him to Writer. I was originally resistant to John because I wanted to feel warm and fuzzy about the Seahawks at all times. John was telling me there was trouble on the horizon and quickly proved to be right. Shrug announced he was stepping down due the birth of his son - Hank. John was handed the keys to the site, so quickly I offered my services to help as a administrator (which he obviously accepted) to help keep you animals under control.

And that brings us to today.

My Involvement at Field Gulls: Keeping people from using chat speak, keeping commenters on their toes. Video Previews. Commenting with no pants on. I love football. But my two favorite things about football are great play design and special teams coverage. So generally my articles will be about specific plays rather then entire games or players.

Personal Stuff: I was born and raised in Bellingham, WA and grew up a Sonics fan. I didn't really become a big football fan till around 2001. I then started following the Seahawks aggressively in 2003.

I still live in Bellingham and have started a interactive visual production company with my brother. I also started a website called (Shameless plug) I love sports, photography, video work, animated gifs, long 'pantless' walks on the beach, beer and the outdoors. Hate chatspeak, pants, getting credit card swiped by friends, being little spoon and the east coast.

Love bad movies , not much of a music guy and do like playing video games but don't have much time for it anymore. I may try to put my visual talents to some football use but it is time consuming.

So with that ummmm - Word to your mother…..

- Scruffy Lefty

Also shot this music video last week.