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The Small School Prospect

I love the idea of the small school prospect. 

The guy who, for whatever reason, was never recruited out of high school. He walked on to Generic City State, and played his balls off for four years. He was the team's best Starting Something, he was MVP of the SMH Conference, and he lead the NCAA in Superficial Stat 5. He is a geode waiting to be cracked open by whichever NFL team has the most bright-eyed scouting department in the 7th round. He will sit for two years, then he will start, then he will shatter records.

I love the myth of the small school prospect.

I know, using my BRuss Muscle (See: Cerebellum), that the probability of this occuring is somewhere between ludicrously-slim, and are-you-shitting-me? But the fact that it could, if we look hard enough, thrills me. If I was our GM I would draft LBs and RBs only in the middle to late rounds, just so I could build a stable, and try to find a "diamond". I would also only let the team wear our throwbacks, but that's neither here nor there.

I want to look at some players who are from either small schools, or just flew under the radar. I don't have John's skill at breaking down player abilities or reading film like a script (although I did love James Stark last an H-Back), so I would ask that you all include whomever you like as well, and let's make a compendium of these Rudies. 

1. Cobrani Mixon (ILB): 6-1, 238 - Mixon comes from Kent State, but he started his career at Michigan. He recorded 82 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 11.5 TFL, 2 FF, and 3 FR his Senior year. He is decently big, has a good amount of athleticism, and seems to know where the play is going (though I've seen him bite hard on PA quite a few times). he reminds me of Leroy Hill bred with Heater. Not sure he'll ever be a starter, but he would make a decent rotational Backer. 

2. Dwight Dasher (RB): 5-10, 202 - His surname is Dasher, what else is there to know? He was Middle Tenn St.'s QB...and KR. He's an incredible athlete, jump cuts like Joe Webb, and is an idiot with the football. His average 40 is 4.58. 

3. John Mosure (RB): 5-10, 210 - He's Caucasian. He's also really thick in the legs, and keeps them active when he runs. His median 40 is 4.53, so he is not slow. This product of Colorado State is decent receiving out the backfield, and has the ability to return punts and kicks. 

4. Marc Schiechl (DE): 6-2, 247 - Colorado School of Mines' leading Defensive star might be a more natural pass-rushing OLB than a DE. He's quick off the snap, is decently fast, and lacks any kind of technique.

5. Julius Thomas (TE): 6-5, 251 - A product of Portland State, Thomas is a former basketball star who decided to try football out. He was selected 1st team All Big-Sky his first and only year. He isn't as fast as some receiving TEs, but he can block really well, is explosive, and is my friend. Let's draft him.