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Labor Panic Day, Part 2 - Open Thread

(Photo by Rod Lamkey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rod Lamkey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Here we go again.

The CBA is set to expire at 9:00 PST. One of three things is going to happen today:

1. The two sides, through a last-second epiphany, divine intervention or dumb luck, come to an agreement at the 11th hour. This is the least likely option.

2. They end up extending the deadline. This is probably the most optimistic outcome we can hope for.

3. The nuclear option--the deadline passes, the union de-certifies, and the lawsuits start flying. If/when this happens I hope you have your underground bunker fully stocked with Spam, distilled water, '05 Seahawks highlights and pornography. Not necessarily in that order.

Update 2:13 PM: It's official. The NFLPA has decertified.