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Another Hasselbeck Post?

Sure, why not.  It's not like anything else is happening at the moment.

Mike Sando got a few quotes from Pete Carroll today.about the attempt to re-sign Matt.  Before you read further, click on the link and read Carroll's statements first.

Done?  Now let's put on our Over-Analyzing Caps and gauge the implications here.

As we all know, Carroll was gung-ho about getting Matt re-signed for next year.  Most people pointed out that this wasn't a good idea, for obvious reasons that we've beaten to death before.  But judging by his quotes here, it doesn't sound like Matt will be returning, lockout notwithstanding.  The emphasis on past tense ("we made a run"), and the general tone (" As we go forward, Matt has been in our plans the whole time and now that it's in free agency, we just have to see what happens") makes it sound like Carroll's resigned to this fate--that Matt Hasselbeck won't be wearing a Seahawks uniform whenever football resumes.

As for a reason?  Another Carroll quote sums it up nicely:

"Financially, we went after it and couldn't get it done," Carroll said. "In my mind, it kind of came right down to the final day of it. We made an effort and they made an effort."

Utilizing the powers of my Over-Analyzing Cap, it sounds like Matt is looking for more money than what the team is willing to pay him.  On the team's part, this is a sound strategy.  Matt is most definitely on his last legs, and committing him to a long-term deal is a fool's errand.

Taking The Cap off now, these statements don't hold out much hope for Matt returning to Seattle.  A few teams have expressed interest in him.  Given Matt's character, he's clearly not happy with the idea of being a backup or "mentor figure" to a young kid.  He wants to be the leader, the Alpha Male, and nothing I've seen from him indicates otherwise.  He's a competitor, and if Seattle won't pay him like a starter, then he'll find another (foolish) team that will.

If Matt does go, then I'll be sad at the prospect of not seeing him retire in a Seahawks uniform.  But on the other hand, his potential departure will finally force the front offices' hand at seriously addressing the QB position.  Perhaps they'll update their draft boards, or their free-agency shopping lists, or look at the trade market more seriously.  Who knows.  The only thing we know is this--Matt Hasselbeck's days in Seattle are numbered.  Let's make the transition as smooth as possible.