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Allow Myself to Introduce... Myself

My name's Dan but I'm currently in the process of changing my name to Danny because I think it's funny for an adult to change their name for no apparent reason. It's very difficult to actually get people to call you something else. Also, "Dan Kelly" was a name already taken on the SBNation so it actually works out nicely: you can call me Danny. This will probably piss off a lot of my friends that are resistant to the change. Anyway.

I love the Hawks; I follow them to a point of obsession - that is the reason I write about them and research them constantly and it's how I find myself here.  I've been a fan and regular reader of Field Gulls for a few years and owe many thanks to John Morgan for giving such great and constant analysis of the Hawks during his time here. Morgan's exceptional and irreplaceable depth of knowledge of football will be sorely missed at a blog like this and I, like everyone else here, was disappointed and shocked to see him go. Unfortunately for us Hawks' fans he's moved on to greener pastures and will not be leading the way going into the 2011 season, but the Field Gulls show must go on. With the established and exceptional team of writers left here in the aftermath of John's departure, I'll do my best to provide you with analysis, commentary, links, ideas, and try to get you pumped up for some Seahawks' football - if when it actually happens in 2011.

First and foremost, I'm a fan, and you'll probably see that in my writing. That doesn't mean I can't be a semi-impartial observer when it comes to player analysis and I promise there won't just be constant glowing reviews of every Seahawk - but if when you inevitably judge me to be a homer - then so be it, I am one. It doesn't mean I'm constantly happy with my Hawks or blind to their issues - if I had an ax in my living room (because some people have axes in their living rooms maybe) it would definitely be lodged in my TV by now, directly because of the Hawks. I'll try and given honest commentary when we come up short but for the most part I'll try to identify some silver linings so you miserable Seattle sports fans don't get too sad.

John Morgan was the first writer that I've seen break down game tape and give the play-by-play analysis, and it is something that I enjoyed reading so I'll do my best to keep that type of analysis alive here at Field Gulls.  I also go back and watch film because I find it fun to do. To be totally effective at it though takes a fuller knowledge of which play was called by both sides, who had what responsibility, and who was supposed to be in a particular position or doing a particular job, so I'll try and keep that in mind when I'm attempting to judge a player's performance. In my research, I'll just try and call it how I see it, recounting plays and trying to break down what happened as best as a fan can do. Pointing to actual plays and laying them out in more detail is way more interesting than just saying "Player X is good at getting separation from the corner" or "Player Y's got a knack for getting first downs," or whatever the case may be, so that's what I'll be striving to do. Benne has picked up the slack there since John's departure and I'll do my part as well.

I'll bring you serious analysis and hopefully some comic relief from time to time too - in my mind, being a fan is supposed to be fun and I'll try to remember that even if when we're losing. I'll front-page fanposts and also try to get some more writers aboard here at Field Gulls in case you hate everything I have to say. I'll scour the interwebs for every tidbit of information I can find about the Hawks and try and get it to you guys quickly. I'll be ever-vigilant on Twitter - the most up-to-date and constant news source on the web - crawling with juicy news items the minute they're happening, and try and get you that information quickly as well. I'll try to incorporate some new features here and do my best to give you something interesting to read when you should probably be working.

My ultimate goal is to spark some excitement about the Hawks and be a place Hawks' fans can go for information, up-to-date news items, or just something to read on the crapper (we have iPads and internet surfing phones now and whatnot - technology is the best thing ever). My other ultimate goal is to try really hard on an article with a really well thought-out and planned thesis, and then have you respond like this, either in your head or audibly:

Anyway, buckle up for an interesting offseason and get ready for what will definitely be a really exciting year. If the season doesn't happen I'll do some in-depth game-tape analysis of all the SeaGals or something so we're good either way.

Post Script: I'll be posting some new material today but I'll also post a few pieces I wrote over at my old gig The Seehock Blog so you can get an idea of the type of writing I'll bring to the table (don't bother going over there, it is officially shut down as of now). Some of you may have already seen these articles but I'd suggest taking a look again because I've done some editing on them and refined them a bit so there will be some new stuff in some of them to check out.

Go Hawks!