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Seahawks Looking At DT/FB Matangi Tonga


If the Seahawks don't go get a fullback in free agency, there's always the draft. It seems illogical that they'd use a draft pick on a fullback after basically abandoning all theirs in the prior season, but here's something I recently saw that makes me hopeful: the Hawks attended the Pro Day of Houston DT Matangi Tonga yesterday, and requested that the former High School running back perform fullback drills as well.


Tonga ran a 4.72 forty yard dash and bench pressed 225 29 times. According to this article from the National Football Post, he also snagged a a one-handed catch on a football that was thrown behind him by a Packers coach while performing his FB drills, so he could be dangerous catching passes out of the backfield as well.


I don't know a lot about Tonga, but pretty much everywhere I look he's listed as 6'2 and between 258 and 290, so that 4.72 is pretty amazing. In addition to his athleticism, he's a former Eagle Scout. This is the type of intangible that I like - it shows work ethic and smarts, and an ability to follow through, and should immediately tell you that you probably won't have to worry about off-field issues with him. Perhaps the Hawks have visions of playing him at DT, but then spot using him in goal line situations at fullback a la Bengals DT Domata Peko. Add Matangi Tonga to your draft radars Hawks' fans. I for one am glad to see they're looking at the position.