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Around the Interwebs: Ryan Mallett to Visit the Hawks

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The Seahawks are now one of many teams that have an official private workout scheduled with Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. The venerable Rob Rang put together a piece at his CBS Draft Blog taking a look at the QB with respect to the Hawks, and it's worth a read.


Mallett, to me, is one of the most intriguing if not polarizing prospects in the draft this year and the reality of him going to the Hawks is a very real one.


This visit can be taken in two ways:

1. It's a smokescreen by Pete Carroll and Co to get teams to think the Seahawks are very interested in the QB. If this is the case, their bargaining power goes up against teams that were hoping to scoop Mallett up in the early 2nd round. This idea is very real based on John Schneider's former drafting history, rife with trade-downs. The Hawks didn't pick up much slack on compensatory picks so they will most likely be looking to amass a few more picks and this could be a very sly way to do so.


2. They are indeed looking at Mallett as the QB of the future. I personally like the kid - despite his size-related deficiencies and footwork issues he's got a cannon arm and to me possesses the eye-of-the-tiger type competitive streak. His attitude may be tumultuous but he sort of reminds me of Philip Rivers in that arena - fiery, maybe a tad immature with quasi temper-tantrums on field and with other players - but possesses the arm to make defenses pay. John Schneider attended his pro-day as well so this is an argument for real interest. 


I will put together a closer look at Mallett sometime soon as the draft gets nearer, but for now take a look at the articles I linked to about Mallett.