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UW Coach Steve Sarkisian Has My Back.

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After I got done posting my Pete Carroll Offense post and feeling strong in my argument I went through and did some more perusing of the usual suspect Seahawk blogs and came across an interesting article from Mike Sando's NFC West Blog.

The title of the article is fitting: Reading tea leaves at Jake Locker's Pro Day.

In it Sando talks about Jake Locker and his prospects as an NFL quarterback but that's not what I focused in on. What I did focus on were a few quotes on there about how the Hawks will be implementing a West Coast Offense next year and thus Jake would not be a good fit. Matt Williamson, who is a really well respected former player and former scout that now runs Scouts Inc had this to say:

A lot of people seem to have him pinpointed to Seattle at No. 25, but I don’t think that makes any sense at all. It works for people who do not know the Xs and Os of it all. At 25, he has some value. He went to school in that area. It is easy to say that is a good fit, but I think Seattle is going more and more to a pure West Coast offense, and Locker doesn't fit the West Coast offense at all.

Sando then goes on to attempt to justify whether WIlliamson's argument has any validity:

How well Locker would fit with the Seahawks could hinge on to what degree Williamson is right in his feel for how Seattle's offense will evolve. New coordinator Darrell Bevell comes from the Andy Reid/Mike Holgmren branch of the West Coast offense, a branch that relies more heavily on short, precise passes. Before Bevell replaced Jeremy Bates, the Seahawks had been running Mike Shanahan's version of the West Coast system featuring more quarterback movement, hard play-action fakes and deeper throws requiring greater arm strength. Carroll, who attended the workout Wednesday, has said the Seahawks do not plan to significantly diverge from the system they ran last season. But it's plausible to think Bevell's background could steer them away to some degree.

I tend to disagree - as you probably already know. I believe Pete Carroll when he says that things won't change for the most part and I don't think that Bevell was brought in to implement his own vision. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. I just spent about 10 pages explaining why so I won't go there again. But just as I was getting frustrated again about this whole West Coast Offense thing, Coach Steve Sarkisian restored my faith in humanity. He said:

I don't know in the NFL right now if people run different offenses. It's so much of a copycat league and everybody runs so many things that are similar that it's hard to say that New England is different than Pittsburgh that is different than Seattle that is different from the Chargers. They all have their focal points, but at the end of the day, there are a lot of similarities. Things will be tailored for him (Locker), like they are for every quarterback, but I just think he fits in as an NFL quarterback.

This is basically what I was trying to get at in a nutshell- all offenses in the NFL have elements of the West Coast Offense and the bottom line is that a team will adapt for what players they have and what weapons are at their disposal. I think Pete Carroll has a vision of what he wants to get done but there are many avenues to get there and historically he hasn't had a 'prototypical' QB. They have come in different sizes, speeds, and skillsets and he's had a lot of success with all of them.

Thank you Sark - I knew there was a reason I like you so much.