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Catching Up on the Latest Headlines

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--After weeks of tight-lipped meetings, we're finally getting some interesting news from DeMaurice Smith.  The union is adamantly opposed to an 18-game season, as they should be.  They are also demanding that the owners fully open up the books.  That we're this deep into the negotiation process and financial transparency is still a major sticking point is very troubling.  If they still haven't made any progress on the core issue--how to divide the profits--then there's no way they're making the Friday deadline, and this thing is going to drag out for a long time.

--Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement!  It's safe to say that his television career was a complete flop, and he must be really desperate for money if he's trying to come back in a year with a lockout looming.  KSK has this great quote from Jeff Zucker:

"one of those rare personalities who appeals to virtually every audience imaginable."

This is why Jeff Zucker is considered the Matt Millen of TV executives.  Man, is NBC in bad shape these days.

As for football, I honestly don't know what he hopes to contribute after four years away from the game, and sports comebacks rarely end well.  Has he learned nothing from Michael Jordan, Brett Favre or Lance Armstrong?  I guess we'll see.  Some team will take a flyer on him thanks to name recognition.  I hope that team isn't ours.

--Cam Newton and Nick Fairley worked out for Auburn's pro day, and Newton's performance seemed to be much improved over the Combine.  Mike Mayock was impressed, and after watching the admittedly short video embedded on the ESPN link, I would agree.  He's always been a physical beast, so this shouldn't be a big surprise.  Individual workouts tend to go over better than Combine performances.

Nick Fairley is a sexy stud.  That's all I have to say.  I want him.  Badly.

--Mark Ingram had his own pro day at Alabama, and his 40 time was apparently much lower than his official Combine time.  I mention this for those who were wondering what Mark Ingram has been up to lately.


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