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The Seahawks' Robert Saleh and the Role of NFL Quality Control Coaches

The Hawks recently brought Robert Saleh in as quality control coach. Saleh comes in from the Houston Texans, where last year he served as Assistant Linebackers Coach. After an atrocious year on defense, the Texans wholesale fired their defensive coaching staff and Saleh was one of the victims.

The Quality Control coach is basically an entry-level coaching position in the NFL and will probably have no visible impact on the team this year. However, Quality Control coaches provide a lot of the grunt work necessary for the coaching staff to function.

Many great head coaches started out in the trenches, doing the gopher work and the adminstrative crap that inevitably piles up but position coaches have no time to work on. Jon Gruden started out in Mike Holmgren's coaching staff as the Quality Control coach, and for a great piece on his start, check out this link.

Danny Note: I posted this a few months ago at my old blog but I think the articles I've linked to are pretty interesting, at worst something fun to read if you're bored. Going forward, I'm going to try to mix some light-hearted randomness in once in a while just to give you something to chew on while I'm grinding out the next piece.