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Seattle Seahawks' Team Needs - A National Perspective

With the run-up to the draft come the inevitable "team needs" articles and I always like to read the nationally syndicated ones to see what people around the nation perceive to be the Seahawks' main strengths and deficiencies. For the most part, they are just bullet point talking lines but there are several that go a little more in-depth. I've included a little bit of both on here for you to give you an idea of what's being talked about.

-First off, Evan Silva wraps up the Hawks' needs in a post for

-Chris Wesseling puts together a review of the NFC West for

-Yahoo Sports has a pretty in-depth team report for the Seahawks.

-Walter Football puts together a team report for the Hawks and lists their needs in a 1-8 ranking system.

-Matt Williamson lists the team needs for the NFC West in a piece put together by Mike Sando.

-CBSSports puts together a charted system of team needs for the NFC West. weighs in with their choices for Hawks' strengths and weaknesses.

-Finally, Brian Billick gives his two cents in a piece for FoxSports: