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D-III Defensive End on Seahawks' Radar

UPDATE: Check out this video of Rindt doing 50" box jumps after the jump...

Justin Rindt, a defensive end out of Division-III University of Wisconsin-Stout is another on the list of small schoolers the Hawks have shown interest in. At 6'4, 270, he ran the 40 yard dash at Wisconsin's Pro Day in 4.7 seconds. For a comparison, only 5 of the 30 DEs invited to the combine ran faster than that - and all are lighter than Rindt. Not bad for a D-3 prospect trying to get some attention of NFL scouts. And apparently he did, as the Seahawks requested game tape from his coaches, according to this story from FoxSports Wisconsin.  

Rindt projects to be a late round pick or UDFA and it's only worth noting because the Hawks have a history of trying out little known or obscure defensive ends for their relatively unique LEO spot used to rush the quarterback. Former Seahawk and fan favorite Nick Reed, CFL convert Ricky Foley, and even current Seahawks Chris Clemons and Dexter Davis were seemingly forgotten players brought in to compete at the spot. Perhaps the Hawks will continue this trend and bring in low-cost, low-risk players with potential to add depth on the line and hope to strike gold.