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Potential Seahawks' Targets in 2nd-4th Rounds: CB Davon House

As long as we're talking about Shareece Wright, I wanted to highlight a few more prospects that may still be available when the Hawks pick at #57 and maybe even at #99. What the Hawks do at #25 is up in the air, but a lot of people agree that cornerback is a position the Hawks would like to address in this draft.

Out of New Mexico State, cornerback Davon House is a potential target for the Hawks. He's 6'0, 195 and possesses good ball skills, instincts, has little injury history, and has good size and speed - he was clocked at 4.35 in the 40 at his pro day. It's been cited that his strength lies in covering receivers downfield, something the Seahawks were terrible at in 2010, and House picked off 11 passes in his college career. He's a physical player with a mean streak and has been projected to go somewhere in the late 2nd round. He has limited experience, and is regarded as a player that could prove to be elite but will need some development. House would likely to start out in nickel packages and the bandit package much like Walter Thurmond did in 2010.

Overall though, he's an intriguing prospect - he's durable and has a good work ethic. He's a physical player - which will help in jams at the line for the Tampa-2 defense the Hawks employ. He's got the speed to trail a WR if he misses on the jam and has the strength to muscle them to the sideline. He's shown promise in his ability to contain runs to the inside and is an adept tackler. 

Here's what CBS Sports had to say about him:

Read & React: Has adequate reaction time and instincts on the outside. Explodes into ballcarriers on outside runs but can also be a step late supporting against the run or stopping his pedal to get to receivers on stop routes. Maintains contact with his man on misdirection plays; can recover from double moves quickly. Very good hand-eye reaction time to pick off bobbled passes and knock away passes at the last second.

Man Coverage: His best asset, as he uses his size, speed and length to adeptly handle outside responsibilities in man coverage. Good backpedal and quick feet to wait until his man makes a move inside or outside. Runs with any receiver down the sideline and maintains contact to prevent separation. Tight coverage forces quarterbacks to often go in another direction or take a sack. Good ball skills; times his jumps well if quarterbacks test him deep and looks to return the ball as far as possible after making a pick.

Zone Coverage: Plays a lot of man coverage but shows promise as a productive NFL zone corner. Solid tackler who can plant and drive to stop receivers after the catch and support the run when playing off the line. Stays cognizant of the quarterback in the end zone, will come off his man to make a play on the ball. Must prove he has the discipline to come off receivers leaving his area so quarterbacks don't throw behind him into the vacated area.

Closing/Recovery: Closes on the ball very well whether it is in the air or he's bringing down receivers to prevent yards after catch. Is sometimes turned around by double moves or outside-in head fakes, but recovers quickly to get back into the play. Time his jumps well when going up for the ball. Needs to tighten up his steps when transitioning forward from his pedal.

Run Support: Looks the part of a physical corner who will get the job done in run support. Flashes the ability to stay low and square to wrap up elusive ballcarriers in the flat. Gets outside angle on receiver to force plays inside, and can rip off blocks with his long arms, but must have more consistent urgency to get to the ball. Will stand around piles instead of inserting himself.

Tackling: Effective as a wrap and cut tackler against receivers and running backs. Generally gets the thighs of ballcarriers on cut tackles to bring him them down. Willing to lower a shoulder to hit a back, even if it's a bit late. Impressive chasing to the opposite side of the field, using his speed and the angle to track them down before they reach the end zone. Also capable of chasing down running backs from behind if they get outside him to the sideline.

Intangibles: Coaches have no issues with his work ethic. Has gained bulk in the weight room during his time at NMSU. Did not play football until his junior year of high school, focused on baseball before that. Hasn't missed a game in his Aggies career.

And according to

Strengths: House is a big physical corner. Delivers a good press at the line to reroute receivers. Reads quarterback's eyes in zone coverage and shows the ability to anticipate routes. Possesses big hands and good timing to knock away passes. Flashes a mean streak and is a willing tackler in run support.

Weaknesses: Lacks elite recovery speed and the hip fluidity to consistently stick with shiftier wide receivers in man coverage. Over confident at times and can get burned by play action. A step slow reacting to the play and struggles to disengage from blockers. Physical play could result in a lot of flags at the next level.

Here's a prospect video for Davon House - keep in mind this isn't a highlight video - just a sample set from one of his games last year:

Keep an eye on him for the Hawks' 2nd round pick.