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Around the Interwebs: Five Possible Options for the Seahawks at #25

My guess is that a lot of you already know about Seahawks Draft Blog by now, but if you don't it's a must read. The site is dedicated to the NFL Draft and specifically the Seahawks' needs and targets in the draft. Rob Staton does a good job of breaking down the myriad of options available and is constantly presenting new possible scenarios that may play out come the end of April. It's a good read and he provides well thought-out articles on a daily basis.

The nationally recognized draftniks are good to read but can often mis-diagnose the real state of the Hawks. Staton has demonstrated a keen eye when it comes to how the Hawks are thinking and really knows his draft prospects. A good example of this has been his high regard for Colorado's CB Jimmy Smith. He was the first draft expert that I saw to put Smith as a top 10-15 talent more than a few months ago and Smith has now slowly creeped up from a 2nd round consensus into the 1st round conversation on a national level. His attitude problems will probably keep him out of the top 15, but some rate his talent as maybe the 2nd best CB in the draft behind Patrick Peterson. That's just one example that has convinced me Staton knows his stuff.

I've been in talks with him and will be doing a weekly or bi-weekly 'interview' of sorts to bring you Hawks related draft news. If you've got any specific questions you want answered from Rob comment below and I'll try and work them in.

He'll be a contributor here down the road but for now I really urge you to go check out his site. He does a mock draft every week or so and generates some good discussion there. His most recent post is a good one - it takes a look at five possible targets for the Hawks at #25 and breaks down why we may be looking to make that pick. In there is Colorado CB Jimmy Smith, a player that I am very high on, much of this due to Staton's high grade and his ridiculous Combine numbers. The 6'2, 211 lb corner ran a 4.38 40 and put up 225 lbs 24 times. He fits the profile of a Carroll CB with his size and physicality, and would be a great pick in my mind at #25, if he lasts that long.