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In the News: Don't Expect Many Draft Day Trades! Also, Expect a Lot of Draft Day Trades!

In the week or two running up to the draft, everyone weighs in on what they think will happen with draft day trades, who will go where, which teams will shock everyone and pick a darkhorse in the 1st, etc etc.

Over the last few days I've read some reports that we shouldn't expect many trades on draft day because of the uncertain times we're in, with the lockout acting as a big ominous cloud frightening teams away from taking chances.

One story entitled 'Lockout, talent pool put freeze on trades' by Jason Cole of said the other day:

While it's still early in the process and many teams are still finalizing their NFL draft boards, the feeling among a handful of league executives right now is that next week's draft could feature a stunning lack of trades.

On top of the lockout, some execs believe that the lack of an overwhelming difference among the top group of picks is keeping the market down. In short, the difference between taking someone such as LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green or Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller is considered small.

"I would definitely agree with that," Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider said. "There are going to be some need issues for different teams, but you're probably not seeing a huge difference in terms of who goes second and who goes sixth."

Hey look, John Schneider was interviewed! The story also points out that in a normal league year, there'd be a bevy of trades happening right now in the run-up to the draft but since the lockout has ruined all the fun for everyone this year, all people can do now is speculate on whether teams will trade a lot or not on draft day, and boy is it fun to do!

On the other side of the coin, Titans GM Mike Reinfelt is leading the way for the A-LOT-of-trades-happening team; he said:

"For some reason, I think there's probably going to be a little bit more (trading), but I can't really tell you why," Reinfeldt said Tuesday. "I just have a gut (feeling) that people are kind of anxious to do something and say, 'What the heck? Let's make a few trades.' "

Reinfeldt said he has had some conversations about swapping picks, but he expects more serious talks when the draft begins April 28. The Titans hold the eighth overall pick by virtue of their 6-10 finish in 2010.

"I think more of it happens on draft day," he said. "I don't think that much is going to happen before unless it is really high. Even if you watch the mock drafts, there's a lot of different ways people think the draft is going to take off. So I think people will have to get a feel for how it is going to go, what positions are going to get a run, before they jump in and start doing what they think they need to do to help their team.

"But (the trade conversations) start to really take place probably the last week before the draft, when people really get their draft boards really firm in their minds or finalized in their minds.

So you heard it here first folks, there may or may not be a lot of trades happening in the draft this year. For more up-to-date, exciting speculation about something a week away because there's literally nothing else to talk about right now, tune in later!