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Andy Dalton Scouting Report Roundup

Because a lot of people have Andy Dalton going to the Seahawks at #25 lately, I wanted to round up some scouting reports on the TCU QB so you can formulate your opinions on what this means to the Hawks. Brock Huard has him possibly going as high as in the teens so the Hawks may not even have a shot at drafting him as low as #25. Personally I doubt that, but Huard is a smart guy so maybe he knows something I don't.

One thing I noticed is that a lot of people compare him to Ryan Fitzpatrick - and that in itself is a confusing comparison because on one hand Fitzpatrick hasn't solidified himself as a franchise QB but on the other hand he did play well enough in 2010 to earn the shaky endorsement of the Bills front office for 2011. Overall though, a comparison to Fitzpatrick doesn't install a lot of confidence in me as what the Hawks can hope for with their first round pick.

Anyway, here is a collection of scouting reports for you:

-The 3-4 gives a detailed scouting report and as most people would, projects him as a WCO type QB.

-NFL Draft Monsters weighs in with their analysis.

-Nick de la Torre of With the First Pick breaks Dalton down.

-NFL Draft Geek gives his opinion, and it's not especially glowing.

-CBS Sports always thorough scouting report.

-Andy Dalton's NFL Combine page.

-Rob Staton over at Seahawks Draft Blog doesn't mince words with his post entitled "Andy Dalton is Not a First Round Pick".