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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft - How the Seahawks Fared

Brian Galliford (with editorial credit to Dan Kadar) put together his newest mock draft this Saturday and had a very interesting scenario laid out for the Seahawks. In it, they trade the 25th pick to Philadelphia (which had been acquired through Cincinnati) for the 35th pick and the 85th pick (3rd round). Philadelphia then goes on to select CB Jimmy Smith out of Colorado with the 25th slot.

A very intriguing scenario to say the least, because many people think that if Jimmy Smith is on the board still at #25, the Hawks will run to the podium to select him. Also, Mike Pouncey goes at #27 in this mock as well so he is still on the board when the Hawks would be picking. I'd go so far to say that the Hawks would maybe even take Pouncey over Smith.

Overall, this is a realistic enough scenario, trade-wise, for the Hawks without taking into account who is still on the board. They'd get that third rounder that they want so badly and would be picking 3rd overall in the 2nd round, which would have a ton of value. But like I said, it's very hard for me to see them passing up Mike Pouncey and Jimmy Smith just to get that 3rd round pick back. This scenario would seem very realistic to me if those players were long gone but considering the rumors of how high the Hawks are on both of those guys I'm not sure it would represent a good value. Again though, their interest could all be a smokescreen so the way this is set up could actually be very close to what happens this week. Go check out the mock to see a few more interesting trades that went down - there are some names in the top 32 that might be surprising to you.