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Breaking News: NFL Lockout Lifted - Links

Here's a comically over-dramatic look at the NFL lockout.
Here's a comically over-dramatic look at the NFL lockout.

I don't want to try and speculate at what this could mean so I'll let everyone else do that. I wanted to put together a link-dump so fans can easily find out what's going on with these NFL Lockout shenanigans. For a succinct summation, I'd offer - Judge Nelson has lifted the lockout but the NFL is appealing the ruling to the 8th circuit court and if they grant the stay, there will be a period of limbo while they try to determine whether Judge Nelson's ruling was 'correct' or... whatever. In the meantime, teams are technically allowed to trade and whatnot.. kind of.. but not really. And none of them will so don't get your hopes up. I don't think.

-Keep tabs on the situation by following the SB Nation Story Stream of the NFL Lockout

-WIll Brinson of CBS Sports has 7 questions now that the lockout is lifted.

-I just thought this headline was funny.

-Albert Breer of offers a very detailed and thorough look at the situation.

-Sam Farmer of the LA Times offers his take.

-Barry Whiner and Steven WIne of the AP give a summation of the situation we're in.