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2011 NFL Draft Order - Update on Where the Seahawks Pick

As we stand right now, the Seahawks have 8 picks:

1st Round: #25

2nd Round: #25 (#57 overall)

4th Round: #2 (#99 overall)

5th Round: #25 (#156 overall)

5th Round: #26 (#157 overall)

6th Round: #8 (#173 overall)

7th Round: #6 (#209 overall)

7th Round: #39 (#242 overall, compensatory, cannot be traded)

So as you see we are without a 3rd round pick, one that allegedly the Hawks would really like to get back. They can do this by traded out of their #25 position and moving back into the 2nd round. Another spot that could be really great to trade out of is that 4th round pick, the 2nd of day three.

After days one and two are finished teams will have a good amount of time to survey their draft boards and do some final debating on targets and the 2nd pick of the third day could prove to be a pretty valuable commodity for some teams. Don't be surprised to see the Hawks trade out of this spot as well to pick up an additional 4th or 5th rounder, as John Schneider has stated he is confident in his coaches and trainers to get the most out of middle round players. This pick could also be worth a 2012 3rd round pick, considering it's essentially a late 3rd round pick this year. I'm pretty interested to see what happens early on Saturday with this pick, so keep an eye out for that.

Apart from that, we saw wheeling and dealing even later into the 6th and 7th rounds last year so I expect more of the same this year. They own early picks in both the 6th and 7th rounds that could prove to be helpful, and their back to back 5ths this year could be packaged for something or one of them could be traded off for an additional pick as well. All things to keep an eye on.