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NFL Draft: Posting Format at Field Gulls

Ok, everybody, the wait is over and the draft is finally upon us. It's time for speculation to meet actualization, for potential to meet pathways. In less than an hour, the biggest event of the off-season kicks off and we're here to provide you with the best coverage we can.

SBN has asked Field Gulls to provide analysis for every pick of the first round, listed as separate posts. It's a giant task, but one that Danny and I will do our best to achieve. This means that there will be a deluge of articles as we take a look at each player taken, as soon as they're picked.

Edit: We will still be offering analysis on each pick as they happen, but they are being grouped together to minimize posts. Thanks.

There will also be a Draft Day Game-Thread, so feel free to comment there as well on each of the individual posts. One word of advice: the default setting for your SBN account is to display 10 posts at a time on your front page, so if you go to your account and click "Edit Settings," you can set the limit higher. I suggest 25, seeing as there will be a new post every 10 minutes or so.

Finally, we ask for patience and understanding as we try to keep up with tonight's frenetic pace. You guys have been a phenomenal community of fans as we've led up to the draft, so I thank you for that and look forward to your reactions and opinions tonight.