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NFL Draft Live: Carolina Panthers Select Cam Newton with the 1st Overall Pick

It's the NFL's version of Christmas morning, when each team stumbles giddily down the stairs to see what Santa brought. Usually, by now, the first team has shaken their present and have a very good idea of who it is. This year, CBA chaos has prevented that, but the general consensus is that the Carolina Panthers will be taking Cam Newton, who I've always thought looks kinda like The Mask when he smiles.

4:39pm -- Roger Goodell takes the podium for the first time to vigorous chants of "Let them play!" and "We want football!", which, despite the entire attendance of Radio City Music Hall chiming in, is only audible because Keyshawn Johnson doesn't have a microphone. I'm going to miss Keyshawn, this year, actually, if only because I was looking forward to seeing how many players he would say reminded him of himself. Also, I liked how he would predict about 17 wide-receivers to be taken each round.

5:05pm -- Gruden, who has just an awful part in his hair tonight, just said that Cam Newton is on his way to Carolina. Goodell is coming out to open the draft to another chorus of boos.

5:08pm -- The Newton pick is confirmed.

I think this is a mistake. So many holes on that team and a newly drafted QB already on the roster. Apparently the new staff likes him and they must feel the pressure to chase a franchise QB. I don't think Newton will be that guy, as I believe he'll need a more conducive situation to reach his potential. Expect to see Newton's mobility on display a lot next year as he runs for his life behind the Panthers' ragtag line.