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NFL Draft Live - Picks 2-5: Von Miller, Marcel Dareus, AJ Green, Patrick Peterson

Denver Broncos (1.2) -- Von Miller (LB/Texas A&M) John Elway's first pick at the helm is not a quarterback, but rather, the type of player he'd have been running from in his day. Von Miller, a player lauded for his intelligence as much as his athletic ability, has been an absolute beast at Texas A&M and will be bringing his remarkable play-making potential to the Mile High City. This is a good-move for the Broncos, although not a terribly surprising one, as Miller seems to pose a low-risk/high-reward potential for Denver.

Buffalo Bills (1.3) -- Marcel Dareus (DT/Alabama) The Bills get the player I think will be the best defensive lineman in this draft. With a lot of analysts tabbing Dareus as one of the best overall football players, Buffalo has a chance to shore up a defense that got torched by its opponents last season. Dareus has a big ol' goofy grin on. I wonder if it will still be there when he's lining up knuckle-deep in Northeastern snow.

Cincinnati Bengals (1.4) -- AJ Green (WR/Georgia) Todd McShay has Green listed as the best offensive player in the draft, and apparently the Bengals are happy to see that he's still available. Green is a terrific athlete who has incredible ball skills. All of that is well and good, but I don't know that he'll have anyone to throw him the ball for a while. If Cincy gets their QB situation figured out, however, they have a chance to give their fans some excitement with Green lined up on the outside.

Arizona Cardinals (1.5) -- Patrick Peterson (CB/LSU) The consensus best athlete in the draft is headed to the desert. The report from the AZ war-room is that DB was not high on their priority list but that they're thrilled to see their BPA still on the board at #5. Seeing as Arizona is a divisional rival of the 'Hawks, I'm perfectly okay with them passing on Blaine Gabbert and remaining with a black hole at QB. This is a pick that will improve them immediately, albeit not at the Cards' greatest position of need.