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NFL Draft Live - Picks #6-10: Julio Jones, Aldon Smith, Jake Locker, Tyron Smith, Blaine Gabbert

Julio Jones, the newest Falcon.
Julio Jones, the newest Falcon.

Falcons (1.6): Julio Jones (WR/Alabama): WOOOOOW. Atlanta just gave Cleveland their 2nd and 4th round picks this year, and their 1st and 4th round picks next year to move up to number 6 for WR Julio Jones. Crazy. Matt Ryan is dancing in his living room right now. Roddy White, Julio Jones, Michael Jenkins, and Tony Gonzalez makes some pretty fearsome targets.

49ers (1.7): Aldon Smith (DE/Missouri): Big surprise here. The Niners went with the pass rushing defensive end instead of a QB. Smith will give them a good edge rusher but to be honest I'm kind of pleased with this pick. It will be interesting to see what their fans think, but I was much more disappointed to see the Cards get Peterson.

Titans (1.8): Jake Locker (QB/UW): WOW again. These last few picks have been crazy. Locker goes to the Titans, where I believe he will have a good chance for success. They've got a good line, a great running game, and solid wide receivers as long as Kenny Britt returns. QB's are starting to fall, most notably Blaine Gabbert. This is getting very interesting!

Cowboys (1.9): Tyron Smith (OT/USC): Good pick by Dallas. The best tackle in his class by consensus, he'll come in and start on day one, protecting Tony Romo from the rush so he can get the ball out to his talented receivers. For a bit it looked like they might trade the pick, as they took almost the entire time necessary, but ended up taking the talented tackle.

Jaguars (1.10): Blaine Gabbert (QB/Missouri): Jags give up their 2nd round pick for the chance to pick the signal caller out of Missouri. Another exciting trade; Gabbert is a good selection for the Jags as they look to transition from David Garrard to a rookie QB; whether it be in year one or after a year or two of grooming. I'm not super surprised that Gabbert lasted until number 10, I just didn't think it would go this way. Pretty damn exciting first ten picks.