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NFL Draft Live - Picks 18-24: Corey Liuget, Prince Amukamara, Adrian Clayborn, Phil Taylor, Anthony Castonzo, Danny Watkins, Cameron Jordan

Chargers (1.18): Corey Liuget (DT/Illinios): And the top ranked defense just took another defensive player. Liuget has got to be happy to be chosen by a team with so much talent at #18 - and I have to think that Chargers fans will approve of this pick. A disruptive pass rusher and run stuffer makes the Chargers defense that much scarier and if they can figure out how to win early in the season they're going to be very very tough in 2011. 

Giants (1.19): Prince Amukamara (CB/Nebraska): I have to say I like Amukamara. He's an extremely athletic, strong shutdown corner that should have success in the pros, whether it's at corner or safety, where some people think he'll move after a season or three. The Giants get good value here for a guy that many people believed wouldn't make it past the top 10, and judging by the reactions of fans present in New York for the draft, they are viewing this as a coup. Good thing for Prince, getting the wrath of Giants' fans can be a pretty tough pill to swallow.

Buccaneers (1.20): Adrian Clayborn (DE/Iowa): Good pickup here for the Bucs but could be a bit of a reach for a guy that most would have mocked to the late 20s and some people had him going on day two. Clayborn is a strong pass rusher that also holds up well against the run and will add that much more depth to the Bucs young line led by Gerald McCoy, last year's #3 pick. The Bucs are a team that's on the up and up and I actually really like them - they're young, getting skill players hand over foot, and have their franchise QB in Josh Freeman. They could be very scary in a year or two. 

Browns (1.21): Phil Taylor (DT/Baylor): The Browns took their #27 pick, acquired from the trade with the Falcons, packaged it with their 3rd rounder, and traded up with the Chiefs to select defensive tackle Phil Taylor out of Baylor. Phil Taylor is a large human being. Standing a 6'4 and weighing in at 337 pounds, he'll be a disrupting force on Mike Holmgren's defensive line. He'll likely be a nose tackle in the Browns switch to the 4-3 and should fit in well there. I think this is a pretty good pick for the Browns as they try and get better on the defensive side. It all starts on the lines and Taylor is a beast.

Colts (1.22): Anthony Castonzo (OT/Boston College): The Colts took about 5 seconds to make their selection of Anthony Castonzo, the offensive tackle out of Boston College. Many consider Castonzo the 2nd best tackle in this years class behind Tyron Smith, and it's a logical pick for the team with arguably the greatest QB in the world. He'll come in and give Manning time to do his thing. Castonzo is a solid, lunch pail guy that will fit in well in Indianapolis.

Eagles (1.23): Danny Watkins (OG/Baylor): Another solid, safe pick here for the Eagles. Watkins, though a little older, will come in and protect and block for the Eagles marquee players in Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy and should be a contributor early in his career. Hopefully anyways, because he'll be pushing 30 in a few years here.

Saints (1.24): Cameron Jordan (DE/Cal): A HUGE steal here, many expected him to go in the top 10 or 12. A solid pass rusher and elite against the run, the Saints have to be excited to pick up a talent with #24. Extremely strong player and I'm a little bit bummed right now to see him go right before #25.