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NFL Draft Live - Picks #26-32: Jon Baldwin, Jimmy Smith, Mark Ingram, Gabe Carimi, Muhammad Wilkerson, Cameron Heyward, Derek Sherrod

This may be the most anti-climactic post the site sees all year, but the show must go on.

Kansas City Chiefs (1.26) -- Jon Baldwin (WR/Pittsburgh) If I had known Ronnie from Jersey Shore was going to announce the Browns pick, I would've put on my "shirt before the shirt". How he ended up on the cover of Madden, I have no idea. Anyhow, instead of the Browns choosing here, we have the Chiefs, who were probably more than happy to make this trade. And now, thanks to some sort of snafu in Baltimore, they're picking at #26 instead of the #27 they traded for. With that selection, they get big wide-out Jon Baldwin to take some of the pressure off of Dwayne Bowe. His size is going to give Kansas City a lot of options in the redzone, what with Bowe, Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, and Tony Moeaki. I didn't see Baldwin predicted to go in the first round, but players taken in the late first are rarely stone cold locks anyway.

Baltimore Ravens (1.27) -- Jimmy Smith (CB/Colorado) Damn. I was reallyreallyreallyreally hoping Seattle would take the tattooed kid wearing the Godfather t-shirt. For what it's worth, I'm good with the Carpenter pick. Baltimore adds even more freakish talent to an already scary-good Ravens defense. This guy is going to be so good, especially when he doesn't have to be the best player on the unit. I think this pick is going to look awesome in five years. If he stays out of trouble, Smith could one of the best CBs in the NFL.

New Orleans Saints (1.28) -- Mark Ingram (RB/Alabama) What a value pick! Ingram was the consensus best running back in the draft, although one of the lower-ceiling first-overall backs in a while. New Orleans' vaunted offense was crippled by a banged-up backfield last year and Ingram gives them a physical presence to offense the high-powered pass game. New Orleans could be an extremely good team next year.

Chicago Bears (1.29) -- Gabe Carimi (OT/Wisconsin) This was an extremely logical pick. Chicago's pass-protection problems were well-known and their inability to protect their quarterback led to Jay Cutler setting an NFL record for pouting. Even with those struggles, the Bears were still only a game away from the Super Bowl last year and Carimi gives them a chance to solidify that shaky line. This is a good fit.

New York Jets (1.30) -- Muhammad Wilkerson (DT/Temple) Rex Ryan has got to be thrilled to get Wilkerson here. With aging vets Shaun Ellis and Trevor Pryce clogging up the defensive front (and probably toilets), Wilkerson gives the Jets youth and athleticism and has potential to free up Ryan's blitz-heavy scheme.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1.31) -- Cameron Heyward (DE/Ohio St.) This just seems like a Pittsburgh pick. Well-rounded, high-energy, blue-collar, yadayadayada. In reality, Heyward is going to provide depth to a team with no glaring needs. He'll probably see plenty of the field as a rookie, but the Steelers don't need him to be a superstar right away. Dick LeBeau just got a new toy and he'll probably be very good in that system.

Green Bay Packers (1.32) -- Derek Sherrod (OT/Mississippi St) The first round ends with the champs shoring up their offensive line. Sherrod was a guy that got bandied about in Seattle circles, but I'm sure he's fine with going to Green Bay. Considering how the Packers won it all with a MASH unit last year, they look to be a serious force if they come back healthy and therefore find themselves in the luxurious position of taking their BPA at the end of the first round. Sherrod has long-term bookend potential, and I'm sure Aaron Rodgers is stoked about this choice.