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2011 NFL Draft Order - Friday Update on Where the Seahawks Pick

Ok, so we're out of round one and the Hawks weren't able to make a trade they thought gave them good value so they went with their top-rated offensive lineman, Alabama's James Carpenter. Where does that leave them on day two?

They still only have one pick for today, the 25th selection in the 2nd round, and in all likelihood it will stay that way. I doubt the Hawks will give up much to move back up into the 2nd round but there's an outside chance they bundle a few of their later round picks to move up into the 3rd round. Also, they sit near the end of round two and much like the end of round one, there could be another derby of trading and maneuvering happening while teams move around to get the guys they really want. There is still a lot of talent on the board and teams that missed out on one guy in round one may be looking to another highly rated player at that position the second time around. Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton, and Colin Kaepernick are the wild cards in the end of round two - if they fall towards there, teams may be licking their chops to move up a bit to get them. Because the Hawks skipped out on all these guys in round one my gut tells me that they're not super motivated to take a QB early in the draft. Rather, they may be comfortable with Charlie Whitehurst for this year and may even have a trade in principal lined up for Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer, which makes the QB position less urgent this year. Look for the Hawks to possibly try to trade down a few spots if the right situation presents itself and they could end up with another pick later in the night.

My hunch would say that the Hawks will be biding their time for the 3rd day to start but as we know a lot of crazy stuff could happen. It's a shame that the trading of players is not going to be allowed until at least Monday because some really exciting stuff could happen if that was not the case. Tonight will most likely be pretty boring as a Seahawks fan if they pick at #25.

Some things to watch in round 2: Firstly, it will be interesting to see what Cincinnati does with the 3rd pick tonight - if they take a QB it could have huge ramifications for the Hawks as it likely means they've conceded that Palmer is done there. If that's the case, it doesn't still mean that Mike Brown will trade Palmer, but it certainly gives you hope he's considering it. Naturally, after that pick, it will be worth watching what Arizona, San Francisco, and St Louis do. In my mind, Arizona hit a home run with the selection of Patrick Peterson, and it instantly improves their chances in 2011. San Fran and St Louis didn't hurt themselves with the selections of Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn, and those players will most likely help their teams, but I believe the impact Peterson provides will be felt in year one. Keep an eye on those selections as well.

Here are the remaining Seahawks' picks:

2nd Round: #25 (#57 overall)

4th Round: #2 (#99 overall)

5th Round: #25 (#156 overall)

5th Round: #26 (#157 overall)

6th Round: #8 (#173 overall)

7th Round: #6 (#209 overall)

7th Round: #39 (#242 overall, compensatory, cannot be traded)