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NFL Draft Live - Picks #33-40: Ras-I Dowling, Aaron Williams, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Jabaal Sheard, Ryan Williams, Akeem Ayers, Bruce Carter

Patriots (2.1, #33 overall) - Ras-I Dowling (CB/Virginia Tech): Wow, Dowling went a little earlier than I was expecting and it comes as a bit of a disappointment to me as I was holding out a little hope he'd fall to the Seahawks. He's a good cover corner whose stock plummeted because he was essentially injured his entire senior season. I do believe that he'll be a good corner at the next level and he certainly has the tools to do so. It comes as a bit of a surprise he went this early as a lot of people had mocked him deep into the 2nd and even later into the 3rd or 4th rounds. The Patriots and their ridiculous accumulation of high picks piss me off. But damn, they're going to be good. Stupid Bilichick. 

Bills (2.2, #34 overall) - Aaron Williams (CB-S/Texas): Williams is a tweener, a corner that can kick inside to safety, and should be an immediate starter for the Bills. Pretty surprising that these first two picks haven't been QBs considering the buzz that was going around about the first 4 picks of the 2nd round being quarterbacks. Williams went at around the place I thought he would - many Seahawks fans would have wanted him but because he's not a true corner I don't think the Hawks were all that high on him. They have a few nickel and dime guys like Roy Lewis and Kennard Cox that they can turn to so securing a true CB should be higher on the Hawks' list.

Bengals (2.3, #35 overall) - Andy Dalton (QB/TCU): Well folks there you have it. Dalton to the Bengals. This can be REALLY huge news to Hawks fans. It means the Bengals are investing at their QB of the future and have conceded the fact that Palmer is probably done there. Whether or not they trade him remains to be seen, but the likelihood of it happening just improved. Additionally, it means what I hoped would happen, someone would reach for the QB and therefore let more talent fall in the draft. This selection could go down in history for Seahawks fans if it means Carson Palmer will soon be a Seattle Seahawk.

49ers (2.4, #36 overall) - Colin Kaepernick (QB/Nevada): in a trade with Denver Broncos the 49ers move up to take the prolific producer out of Nevada. I. Am. Sad. I was hoping for Kaepernick as a Seahawks' developmental QB but he is now in our division. If he pans out into what a lot of people are saying he will, San Francisco will be a scary, scary division opponent. All in all this is an ideal situation for Kaepernick. Harbaugh is a great QB's coach and his offense will be set up around his skillset to pass to guys like Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.

Browns (2.5, #37 overall) - Jabaal Sheard (DE/Pitt): Great pick for the Browns. Their defensive line is starting to look very, very good. After picking up the massive DT Phil Taylor in round one to clog up the middle of the field and command double teams, they pick up an elite edge rusher in Sheard. Holmgren has apparently decided it all starts on defense and has taken some really impressive steps to shore up that side of the ball so far in this draft. I'm happy for the Walrus and miss that bastard. 

Cardinals (2.6, #38 overall) - Ryan Williams (RB/Virginia Tech): Huh? What about Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. I have to say that I like this pick for a division rival. On a team that's already pretty stacked at running back, I'm glad to see them choose a position of less need. No disrespect to Ryan Williams, who is a great, talented running back, but I'm pretty excited about this pick as the Cardinals have failed to address other need areas.

Titans (2.7, #39 overall) - Akeem Ayers (LB/UCLA): The playmaking linebacker out of UCLA goes to the Titans. Rumors had Jake Locker's teammate Mason Foster going to the Titans at this spot but instead they go with Ayers, another solid, instinctual linebacker. 

Cowboys (2.8, #40 overall) - Bruce Carter (LB/NC): A solid, future pick for the Cowboys here. He's a developmental guy that may get no snaps in his first season, but overall a good choice for the 'Boys. An athletic freak of nature, he'll have the potential to fly around for the Cowboys' already talented defense.