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NFL Draft Live - Picks #58-64: Mikel LeShoure, Torrey Smith, Greg Little, Brandon Harris, Jonas Mouton, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Gilbert, Randall Cobb

Detroit Lions (2.57) -- Mikel LeShoure (RB/Illinois) In what should've been Seattle's pick (see Danny's write up on the trade), Detroit adds Mikel LeShoure, who I think is a total stud. Detroit has made a point of adding to positions of strength, as opposed to positions of need. In two rounds, the Lions have added three players who complement incumbent starters, presumably to free each of them up to be more productive. I like it.

Baltimore Ravens (2.58) -- Torrey Smith (WR/Maryland) The opposite of the Jimmy Smith pick, Baltimore snags Torrey Smith who apparantly is a living proverb or something. by all accounts, this speedy wideout is a model citizen and hard-worker. He also gives Baltimore the one offensive trait they lacked last year, a downfield receiving threat for Joe Flacco's huge arm. Another good pick by a team that I always feel drafts well.

Cleveland Browns (2.59) -- Greg Little (WR/North Carolina) The latest Tar Heel to slide due to NCAA suspension, Cleveland gets converted WR Greg Little, a Golden Tate - style former running back who can do big things with the ball in his hands. The challenge will be figuring out how to get him the ball, as well as seeing how much he fell off, if any, while serving his suspension. Could be a flushed pick for Cleveland, but may very well be a weapon at a position of need. Surprised they didn't take Leonard Hankerson if they wanted a WR, though.

Houston Texans (2.60) -- Brandon Harris (CB/Miami) The Texans trade up to help their aforementioned leaky secondary. Brandon Harris is a highly-athletic player with questions about his work ethic, which reminds me of every Miami player ever. If he's ready start, the Houston has significantly improved their defense in this draft. With DeMeco Ryans and Brian Cushing (presumably) coming back for a full season, my guess is that the Texans will be much better on that side of the ball.

San Diego Chargers (2.61) -- Jonas Mouton (LB/Michigan) Mouton is a linebacker with a billion tackles on a defense that was purely awful last year. His 117 tackles might literally have been all of the tackles that Michigan made last season. With this pick, San Diego has now drafted a player on all three levels of defense. I wouldn't be thrilled with this one if I was a Chargers fan, but I'm not a Chargers fan so, whatever.

Miami Dolphins (2.62) -- Daniel Thomas (RB/KSU) The trade-fest continues as Miami grabs beefy running back Daniel Thomas. Most mocks had the Dolphins choosing Mark Ingram in the first, so for them to take an RB here is no real surprise. It'll be interesting to see if he has the burst to hit NFL holes, as well as finish runs downfield. Actually, it probably won't be very interesting.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2.63) -- Marcus Gilbert (OT/Florida) More bigness up front for a team that has prioritized size at every position for as long as I've followed football. Is it just me or does Pittsburgh have about thirty-eight 330 pound lineman now? I'm sure he'll be a Pro-Bowler just like everyone else there.

Green Bay Packers (2.64) -- Randall Cobb (WR/Kentucky) Still no Hankerson, but Randall Cobb has Josh Cribbs potential and gives Aaron Rodgers more superfluous talent. The key for Cobb will be whether or not his athleticism can transfer into the precise route-running required for the Green Bay offense.

That wraps up the 2nd round with Ryan Mallett, Brandon Burton, and Leonard Hankerson on the board. Will any of them last until the 'Hawks pick? If so, will Seattle take them?