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NFL Draft 2011 - Seahawks Trade Their 2nd Round Pick

The Seattle Seahawks just traded their #57 pick for the Detroit Lions' 3rd round pick (#75 overall), and 4th round pick (#107 overall); and switched spots with them in the 5th and 7th rounds. This means the Hawks now own the following picks:

Round 3, Pick 11 (75) (From Lions) --
Round 4, Pick 2 (99) (From Denver through New England) --
Round 4, Pick 10 (107) (From Lions) --
Round 5, Pick 23 (154) (From Chiefs through Lions) --
Round 5, Pick 25 (156) --
Round 6, Pick 8 (173) (From Detroit) --
Round 7, Pick 2 (205) (From Denver through Lions) --
Round 7, Pick 39 (242) (Compensatory Selection)

While the Hawks give up a chance to grab a top-tier talent at #57, it looks like they're opting for a little quantity here over quality. They've been saying over and again that they have faith in their ability to find gems in the middle rounds and with the amount of holes to fill they must believe it's worth the move back 20 spots to get more picks. Perhaps they didn't have anyone rated significantly higher on their board at #57 then guys expected to be around a little later, and a move back seemed like a sound investment. Before we judge this move I'll wait until we find out who we take with #75 and #107.