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NFL Draft Live - Picks #65-72: Terrell McClain, Dontay Moch, Nate Irving, Kelvin Sheppard, Robert Housler, Justin Houston, DeMarco Murray, Martez Wilson

Panthers 3.1 (#65 overall): Terrell McClain (DT/South Florida): A disruptive run stuffer. Athletic, quick defensive lineman that works hard to get to the quarterback.

Bengals 3.2 (#66 overall): Dontay Moch (LB/Nevada): Moch turned a lot of heads at the combine by running a 4.4 forty at 6'1, 248 pounds. He's a speed linebacker that is a project for the Bengals. Pure athleticism and effort are his two main strengths but given some time to develop, could become a very good linebacker.

Broncos 3.3 (#67 overall): Nate Irving (LB/N.C. State): A very solid, slightly undersized linebacker chosen here by the Broncos. The Broncos' defense has a chance to be very very good quite soon here with the addition of Von Miller, Raheem Moore, and now Nate Irving.

Bills 3.4 (#68 overall): Kelvin Sheppard (LB/LSU): Third straight linebacker chosen here. The Bills decided to take the good sized, instinctual and solid effort linebacker out of LSU. 

Cardinals 3.5 (#69 overall): Robert Housler (TE/Florida Atlantic): A solid pass-catching tight end picked here for the Cardinals. Was surprised they didn't take Ryan Mallett here but overall I'm relieved. 

Chiefs 3.6 (#70 overall): Justin Houston (DE/Georgia): Damn, was hoping he'd fall to our pick. Solid edge rusher that fell due to smoking a bowl before the Combine. Should be a good pass rusher for the Chiefs.

Cowboys 3.7 (#71 overall) Demarco Murray (RB/OK): Interesting choice here that spells the end of the line most likely for Marion Barber. Murray is an explosive back that has the chance to be an every down player for the Cowboys. Not a bad pick here.

New Orleans 3.8 (#72 overall) Martez Wilson (LB/Illinois): The Saints choose the big bodied linebacker out of Illinois. An impressive physical specimen with some good instincts.