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NFL Draft Live - Picks #73-80: Stevan Ridley, Ryan Mallett, John Moffitt, Will Rackley, Jurrell Casey, Austin Pettis, Leonard Hankerson, Chris Culliver

New England Patriots (3.73) -- Stevan Ridley (RB/LSU) Stevan Ridley is a person that plays football, apparently.

New England Patriots (3.74) -- Ryan Mallett (QB/Arkansas) The freaking steal of the draft. I hate that New England always does this. Maybe Seattle can get him for $12 million/year after Brady gets hurt someday and Mallett fills in as a Pro Bowler. Shit.

Seattle Seahawks (3.75) -- John Moffitt (OG/Wisconsin) I have no idea if Mallett would've been taken by Seattle at #75, since they passed on him at #57, but in the wake of the Patriots' latest draft steal, John Moffitt sounds a little underwhelming. You can see Danny's write-up for a more in-depth look at this pick, but my first impression is that Seattle just got a road-grading OG to help pave the way for the running game. I'm cool with it, but I'm surprised JC/PC didn't go with Clint Boling if they wanted a guard.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3.76) -- Will Rackley (OG/Lehigh) Small college prospect that played bigger than his competition, which is good, cuz the NFL will be much bigger than the FCS.

Tennessee Titans (3.77) -- Jurrell Casey (DT/USC) Tennessee grabs large Jurrell Casey in hopes of getting a cheap, not-socially-retarded Albert Haynesworth replacement.

St. Louis Rams (3.78) -- Austin Pettis (WR/Boise St) The Rams grab Pettis because Danny Amendola apparently comes in two colors.

Washington Redskins (3.79) -- Leonard Hankerson (WR/Miami) I think Hankerson will be a stud in the right situation. I don't know if Washington has anyone to get the ball to him, but once the ball is coming his way, Hankerson could be the kind of guy who makes sure it ends up in his massive hands. I see Hakeem Nicks potential.

San Francisco 49ers (3.80) -- Chris Culliver (CB/South Carolina) Chris Culliver is not Patrick Peterson.