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NFL Draft 2011 - With the #75th Pick, the Seattle Seahawks Select John Moffitt, Wisconsin

A First Team All-American, John Moffitt comes to the Seahawks and will immediately start at guard on day one. Moffitt is 6'4, 319 and has a reputation as a nasty, tough Big-10 lineman. Like Carpenter, he's a versatile player that can player either center or guard.

Seattle is wasting no time in building their offensive line with their first two picks and are certainly living up to their promise of dedication to running. Marshawn Lynch, Leon Washington, and Justin Forsett are currently doing backflips. The line is starting to look a lot better at this point but I'm still a little worried about other positions, namely quarterback, defensive line, and cornerback.

The Seahawks approach sort of reminds me of what Kansas City has done with their roster and schemes. Concentrate on the run, build the offense through the offensive line and just pound the ball using a mix of big and small running backs. Air it out once in a while to a big bodied receiver once the opposing defense has stacked the box for the run. The Chiefs are a good young team and only getting better so I'm not totally against this strategy. 

More on Moffitt to come...