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NFL Draft Live: Picks #89-97: Shareece Wright, Curtis Marsh, Akeem Dent, Joseph Barksdale, Chris Conte, Kendrick Ellis, Curtis Brown, Alex Green, Sione Fua

San Diego Chargers (3.89) -- Shareece Wright (CB/USC) Another corner for San Diego, they're 5th pick of this draft so far. Wright was a guy that had been linked to Seattle in the 2nd or 3rd and I think Wright will be on the field early on, at least in nickel/dime situations. This was the Charlie Whitehurst pick, by the way.

Philadelphia Eagles (3.90) -- Curtis Marsh (CB/Utah St) The Eagles finally get their cornerback from the Beehive State, although I'm surprised it's not Brandon Burton. Far cry from the Jimmy Smith hopes a lot of Philly fans had.

Atlanta Falcons (3.91) -- Akeem Dent (LB/Georgia) The Falcons stay in-state and add athletic depth to the middle of their defense with the rangy Dent.

Oakland Raiders (3.92) -- Joseph Barksdale (OT/LSU) This pick will make my obsessive Raider-fan roommate happy. Maybe not immediately, but someday. I'll tell you this, I'm about to learn more from him about Barksdale than I would ever want to know.

Chicago Bears (3.93) -- Chris Conte (S/California) Here's a fun fact: Chris Conte's wikipedia page literally didn't exist until 8 seconds after the Bears drafted him.

New York Jets (3.94) -- Kendrick Ellis (DT/Hampton) Kendrick Ellis is a defensive tackle from Hampton. Casey Hampton is a defensive tackle named Hampton. In non-Hampton related news, Kendrick was good enough to be recruited to South Carolina, where a failed drug test forced him to transfer. I bet Kendrick Ellis belly-bumps Rex Ryan some day. He seems like that kind of guy.

Pittsburgh Steelers (3.95) -- Curtis Brown (CB/Texas) The best defensive team in the NFL last year continues to add athleticism.

Green Bay Packers (3.96) -- Alex Green (RB/Hawaii) I watched this guy in the bowl game against Tulsa last year and my goodness is he shifty! And for someone as thick as he is, too. He looks like the type of guy that would be a nightmare to play flag football against.

Carolina Panthers (3.97 - Compensatory) -- Sione Fua (DT/Stanford) An extra pick for the Panthers because the NFL feels sorry for them.