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Pick #25 and the Last Ten Years

Seattle owns the 25th pick in the draft. There has been a lot of talk recently about whether the Hawks will trade down out of the first round to try and acquire more picks. Some people have speculated they might try and trade up in the draft to pick up a player they're really high on. They may stay at #25 if someone they like falls that far. If that happens, is there a historical precedence of success at that position? Pro Football Weekly put together a list of the 25th pick the last ten years and provided a little background on each player and their success in the NFL.

2010: Broncos, Florida QB Tim Tebow

2009: Dolphins, Illinois CB Vontae Davis

2008: Cowboys, South Florida CB Mike Jenkins,

2007: Panthers, Miami LB Jon Beason

2006: Steelers, Ohio State WR Santonio Holmes

2005: Redskins, Auburn QB Jason Campbell

2004: Packers, Arkansas CB Ahmad Carroll

2003: Giants, Miami (Fla.) DT William Joseph

2002: Saints, Georgia DE Charles Grant

2001: Eagles, UCLA WR Freddie Mitchell

Tebow's success remains to be seen - he has some success this year in the last few games of the season but many people still do not consider him capable of having any long-term success in the NFL. Vontae Davis is a very good corner. Mike Jenkins struggled early in his career but had a better season last year. Jon Beason is a great linebacker, elite by some standards. Santonio Holmes is a very good receiver, and was the Superbowl MVP in 2008. Jason Campbell has had some success but is overall a middling QB. Ahmad Carroll didn't really pan out in the league. William Joseph was a decent DT in the league for a few years before retiring after '09. Charles Grant had a pretty good career. Freddie Mitchell didn't do a whole lot.

Check out the article on Pro Football Weekly for a more in-depth look at each player and their career.

Either way, looking at this list you have to feel a little better that the Hawks will have the ability to pick up a very good player that will start for years to come. There has been success at that spot - it's not the 8th overall but the odds that we pick up a starting caliber player are pretty good - especially after looking at who was taken there the last 4-5 years.

My expectations are rather tempered for our first pick - but I trust that Schneider and Carroll will pick up a value player there or trade the pick in order bring more picks in.