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2011 NFL Draft Order - Saturday Update on Where the Seahawks Pick

Today, day three, is going to be really huge for the Seahawks. They own the 2nd and 10th picks to start out the morning so they have really put themselves in a good position to either take a couple talented players or trade down again and amass more picks. That number 2 pick could potentially be very valuable for a team that's frothing at the mouth about a player that's fallen to the fourth round and could make the Hawks an offer they can't refuse. 

Round 4, Pick 2 (99) (From Broncos through Patriots) --
Round 4, Pick 10 (107) (From Lions) --
Round 5, Pick 23 (154) (From Chiefs through Lions) --
Round 5, Pick 25 (156) --
Round 6, Pick 8 (173) (From Lions) --
Round 7, Pick 2 (205) (From Denver through Lions) --
Round 7, Pick 39 (242) (Compensatory Selection) --

They also moved up in the 5th and 7th rounds in their trade with the Lions which gives them the 2nd pick of the 7th round as well. Overall they're situated near the top part of rounds 4, 6, and 7 so they'll be in a good position to grab some talented players. Analysis to follow so check back soon.