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NFL Draft 2011: With the #173rd Pick, The Seattle Seahawks Select CB Byron Maxwell, Clemson

With their only 6th round pick, the Seahawks have chosen their third straight defensive back in cornerback Byron Maxwell out of Clemson. Maxwell stands 6'0 and weighs in at 200 pounds, and is an excellent athlete. According to the reports I'm reading, he possesses good instincts and reaction abilities, and is strong in press man coverage and particularly at re-routing receivers at the line, which is probably what attracted the Seahawks in the first place.

His coverage skills need some polish so from what I can tell he might be a nickel and bandit type player for the Hawks. He's solid in run support, is a good tackler, and has above-average ball skills.

Maxwell has good height and athleticism for the position so I'm guessing the Hawks think they can coach him up on cover skills and use him on special teams and passing situations.