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NFL Draft 2011: With the #207th Pick, the Seattle Seahawks Select DL Lazarius "Pep" Levingston

The Seahawks used their first of two 7th round picks on a probable 5-tech backup to Red Bryant. There aren't a ton of in-depth scouting reports about Pep that I can find, but it appears he's better against the run and when he's not asked to rush the passer. He's decently athletic for a player of his size and has a strong lower body to hold up against offensive linemen. Uses his hands well, can get off blocks, and from a few different accounts is a bit of a specialist projected as a 5-tech defensive end, based on his size and skillset. That said, he's versatile, having played at pretty much every spot along the line during his college career, so may be able to fill in elsewhere in a jam. 

I'm assuming that the Hawks see something specific in Lazarius Levingston to take him here with some good talent still on the board, so we'll just have to wait and see what it is that sold them.