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Is Matt Flynn Still in the QB Discussion for the Seahawks?

Matt Flynn- he's a football quarterback.
Matt Flynn- he's a football quarterback.

Jason LaCanfora recently stated that he still thinks that Matt Flynn will be traded. The Seahawks have connections to the Packers through John Schneider and Schneider was in their front office when they drafted Flynn. There were rumors about the Hawks' interest in the LSU product earlier this year but I hadn't heard much about it recently. 

Could the Hawks be interested? They have been rumored to many QB's lately, from Kevin Kolb and Carson Palmer, to potential draftees Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, and Andy Dalton. I don't doubt that the Seahawks have at least toyed with the idea of Matt Flynn but my feeling is that he would be too expensive, as his rumored value is as high as a 2nd round draft pick. He's still unproven outside of one really good game against the Patriots in week 15, where he passed for 251 yards, 3 TDs and a pick.

Pete Dougherty of had this to say about the QB:

Flynn showed some things in the Packers’ 31-27 loss at New England that at least give him a chance. The NFL game definitely is not too big for him. He’s poised. He’s mobile. He’s smart. What’s still in question is his arm. By NFL standards, it’s average at best for a starter, and it’s hard to judge his accuracy at this point as well. He also has small hands for the position, 9 inches as measured from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinkie with fingers spread. That makes it harder to get the extra torque on a throw that bigger hands would allow and leaves him more susceptible to fumbling on sacks.

Flynn was taken in the '08 Draft by John Schneider's Green Bay Packers in the 7th round, with what was essentially a flier pick on the 5th year senior. Subsequently, he beat out a much more highly touted '08 draft QB Brian Bohm (the Packers' 2nd rd pick) for the back up job behind Aaron Rodgers and got the opportunity to play in a few games in 2010 for the oft-concussed starting QB. The highlight being the aforementioned matchup against the Patriots, which I should add, they lost.

Take a look at every pass he threw in that game and judge for yourself:

So do the Hawks go get Flynn? Well, who knows. He's even more unproven than Kevin Kolb but would likely be a lot cheaper. For me, he's not on the top of my list but it would be interesting nonetheless - what do you think? Do you take Flynn over drafting guys like Ponder or Dalton?