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The Charlie Whitehurst Question

Over the next few days and maybe stretching out into the weekend, I am going to take a look at every snap Charlie Whitehurst took during the regular season and try and break down his play. At this point, it seems like everyone has written him off and looked past him as a possible starter in 2011 but I think there's still a chance he could be under center in Week 1 as the Seahawks' starting quarterback. Before I put that all together I wanted to take a poll about the Clipboard Touchdown Jesus and the perception fans have about his prospect in the league. I also just wanted another chance to copy Jacson and link to Barry Gibb Whitehurst.

My perception is this - I haven't given up on him. I don't think he showed a whole lot to us in 2010 to prove he's starter-quality, but he also wasn't terrible. Very few QBs shine in their first couple of starts and although Whitehurst played poorly against the Giants, he did enough to get the win against the Rams in Week 17 - and he showed a decent amount of poise and confidence in a nationally televised win-or-go-home game and gained my respect. Now, that doesn't mean that he's the answer - we haven't figured that out yet - but I still want to take a look and give you some highlights and lowlights to chew on while this desert of an offseason drags on.