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Seahawks Ran Workout With Jake Locker Today

UPDATE: Seth Wickersham of ESPN the Magazine will be on the Kevin Calabro show today at 4:30pm. If you're interested in hearing more about his Jake Locker article or the time he spent with Locker tune into 710 ESPN radio at that time...

The Hawks met with Jake Locker earlier today. This isn't really much of a story because we already all knew it would happen and the Hawks have gone above and beyond in their due diligence. Locker is a local kid as well so this visit does not count against their 30 allotted visits anyway. While this visit is not necessarily newsworthy, there have been a couple really good articles put together on Jake these past few days so I thought I'd highlight them here.

First off, take a look at a really great article that breaks down a TD pass Locker completed versus the Cougars that essentially put the game away for the Dawgs. Matt Bowen of the National Football Post breaks the play down, starting with the pre-snap alignment and reads to the actual play and the implications it has regarding Locker's prospect as an NFL QB.

Here's what he has to regarding the scenario Locker came up big in:

Game situation: Something to look at? I think so, because we are talking about a senior QB making a big time throw in a rivalry game. Look at the situation: 2nd and 21 with under a minute to play in a tie ball game. Plus, a win Washington has to get in order to qualify for a bowl game. This is what you expect from your QB. And I can tell you, as a former defensive player that is exactly what you want to see from your offense. Go win the game for us.

It's a good article and interesting from the football standpoint but also interesting considering many people believe Locker will be chosen by the Seahawks at #25.

The second article you should take a look at was pointed out to me in the commentary section of a previous post but I want to highlight it here in case you didn't see it. Written by Seth Wickersham of ESPN the Magazine, it basically points out the subjectivity of quarterback evaluation and provides a good profile of Jake Locker really as Seth spent a few days with the UW legend. He points out how three different scouts/offensive coordinators have three different points of view and the idea is that because of this quarterbacks often are mis-diagnosed or underrated/overrated based on a few people's opinions. Check out the article for a great read.