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NFL Draft 2011: Talented Undrafted Free Agent QBs Still Out There for Seahawks

After the draft has wrapped up, I find myself surprised at some of the talent that got passed over by teams looking to fill other needs. Once the CBA/Lockout situation is fixed and teams can start signing some of these players, it will be interesting to see who the Seahawks target.

First, I want to point out two things when it comes to signing a UDFA QB: one, the Seahawks may have an edge on other teams due to their "always compete" mantra and the idea that a player can actually compete his way into a starting job. We saw it with Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu at WR last year, and several other players who competed their way into backup roles or even just a roster spot at other positions. Players may see this and think that their best chance at making a club after going undrafted is on one that holds this type of philosophy, especially one so thin at the quarterback position.

Now, on the other hand, if they simply look at the outrageous number of transactions the Hawks made last season, even at QB, they might think again. But, I have to at least semi-believe the idea that with the Hawks' dearth of talent at the moment, Seattle could be an attractive option for highly sought after undrafted free agent signal callers that get roughly the same offer from several teams purely on the idea that they could actually earn a spot by playing well.

With that said, let's talk about a couple UDFA QBs still out there.

Adam Froman, Louisville

We talked about him a little bit before the draft and I was actually pretty surprised to see him go undrafted. He's got all the tools a Pete Carroll might want - at 6'4, 220 he's very mobile, has a decent arm, is tall, and flashed brilliance at times. It will be interesting to see if the Hawks actually have their eye on this guy because I feel like he could be a good fit here with a high-ceiling.

Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M

Johnson, at 6'5 250, is a physical specimen that could be signed ideally as a third QB developmental guy. He's got all the physical attributes and intangibles you'd want in a QB - he's a hard working leader on and off the field and by all accounts is high in character. He's a swift runner, about a 4.75 forty, and can move well for his size. His arm strength is very good and he's good on the move, something the Hawks have a stated desire for. The knocks on him are that he's less accurate than desired, and tends to duck and run rather than sit in the pocket and make the pass. He needs to work on reading the defense and ball security as well. He'd be a cheap flyer project though so keep an eye on where he ends up.

Taylor Potts, Texas Tech

Potts is another guy that looks the part. He's 6'5, 220, and is fairly mobile. His straight line speed is average at best, a 4.8/4.9 forty, but his 3 cone (6.89) and short shuttle (4.24) are actually pretty damn impressive considering his size. When you get a guy with that far of a margin between the timed 40 time and their short shuttle, it tells you that his athleticism lies in shiftiness and not breakaway speed, something that could be nice to see in a QB. I actually like the prospect of Potts a lot. He did well for himself at the Senior Bowl, and according to scouting reports I'm perusing, he's got poise, football intelligence, and displays good zip on the ball with accuracy. He's shown the ability to change protections at the line and can look defenders off before hitting his target. His knocks are that he's less mobile than you'd want and isn't as accurate throwing while running to his left. He came from a shotgun spread offense so will need some time to learn an NFL system but could have upside as a solid backup or even someone that could start down the line for you. He's more of a pocket passer but with some coaching could work on his movement throwing so could be worth a flyer as well.

Josh Portis, California PA

Portis would be the definition of a project QB. He's got insane physical measurables at 6'4, 211 and runs a 4.5 forty. He's very quick, has good balance, and possesses a decently strong arm capable of making the deep throw with accuracy. He's very raw though, and would need a few years to develop into an NFL system. If the Hawks stay true to their quest in finding a mobile bootlegging QB with the ability to stretch the defense vertically, Portis could be their guy. There are many question marks surrounding him though, which likely led to him falling out of the draft all together.


Pat Devlin, Delaware; Jeff Van Camp, Florida Atlantic; Mike Coughlin, Boise State

More possible UDFA targets to follow in the next day or two while we wait for the decision about free agency to come down.