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Your Turn to Grade the Seahawks' Draft Class

You've had over 24 hours to digest the last day of the draft and to read all the scouting reports on the players the Hawks chose. You've had a chance to get past the initial shock and surprise of hearing each of one the names called and now have a clearer head. What do you think of the Seahawks' draft?

We all know it doesn't matter but it might be interesting to see what the consensus is and then come back and look at it a ways down the road when these players get a chance to prove themselves.

25. James Carpenter, tackle, Alabama.
75. John Moffitt, guard, Wisconsin.
99. K.J. Wright, linebacker, Mississippi State.
107. Kris Durham, wide receiver, Georgia.
154. Richard Sherman, defensive back, Stanford.
156. Mark LeGree, safety, Appalachian State.
173. Byron Maxwell, special teamer, Clemson.
205. Lazarius Levingston, defensive tackle, LSU.
242. Malcolm Smith, linebacker, USC.